Point Aux Chenes: 5/31 & 6/01

Well, the plan for this past weekend was for Andrew & I to get out on the water in PAC on Saturday and then go to a local pond on Sunday to introduce someone else to the sport. On Thursday morning, I get a text inviting me to go with my father-in-law to PAC on Friday.

It wasn’t an early trip Friday. We probably finally wet a line around 10 or so. Our first location was the Wildlife Management Area on the north side of Hwy 665. The water was pretty clean but there was grass everywhere we went.

977564_10151619169509133_473093460_o 9904_10200235697794930_351577351_n


After about an hour with no bites, we headed to the Island Rd. launch. We put in and my father-in-law casted to the clumps of marsh grass right at the launch and hooked a 17″ Red. With that, we had high hopes but were soon let down. We worked the banks to the northeast of the launch. He hooked another but didn’t land it. I had no luck at all. We packed up again and searched around for another area. The wind was picking up throughout the day, but was never really calm at any point, so we were looking for a protected area. We went all the way to Cocodrie.

We traveled down Bayou Sale Rd. almost all the way to Dulac before we found another put in. We started working the banks in a small canal right off the road. After about 15 minutes, I hooked up with what felt to be a nice sized fish. It broke the surface a few times before breaking my line. I was too busy fiddling with my drag to even confirm that it was a Red.

Again, we searched and searched and came up empty, so we called it a day.




Saturday, Andrew and I were on the road around 5. We were making our way back to PAC. I figured I’d give it another shot. We were in the water at the Island Rd. launch around 7. We started at the same marsh grass clumps were my father-in-law caught the Red the day before, hoping to repeat that success. I wasn’t surprised when that didn’t happen. We headed to the marsh west/southwest of the launch. Again, the water was clean with a lot of grass.

We made our way to a cut in the marsh with some water movement, and Andrew had a run-in with a small redfish. He estimates it was around 13″. It was enough to keep us motivated. As he paddled north, I continued working the area. I found a small cove in the marsh where I saw some surface activity. As I casted towards the tail, I spooked but it and another red I hadn’t noticed. A few seconds later, I spooked a couple of drum that I tried casting to. I must admit, while sight-casting may be fun, it’s more difficult than I expected.

I met back up with Andrew to find he had landed a 22″ at the mouth of a small cove. We continued searching for more, but with no luck. After pausing for lunch, we decided to head back to the truck.

970866_10200235698514948_213227340_n 969150_10200235697194915_1009564537_n


We continued to see plenty of fish while on the way back. Just nothing biting. I’d might also add, the water was pretty high.

We traveled down Island Rd. to see all the people gathered at the dam bank fishing. One guy was pulling in a small trout. We also noticed a guy in a sit-in ‘yak with an outrigger and a trolling motor. Fun stuff, haha!

We headed back to the area near Cocodrie that we had gone to a few months ago where we’d had some luck. The put in area was much more difficult to launch from this time and the stench of the stagnant water was pretty bad but we got through. We pretty much worked the same route we had last time but we were getting hung up in a lot of grass. Andrew was getting tired and ready to head back, then he hooked a 12″. As he started to put it in the ice chest, he realized it wasn’t a trout but a redfish. I guess the fatigue was getting to him, haha!

He decided to start drifting back while I figured I work the mouth of a pond where we’d seen a tail. I casted the area for about 5 mins. and decided to start the drift back. Right as I started the drift back, I got a bite. I worried about repeating my loss from the day before, so I just let him tire himself out before netting him. All I knew was that he was a keeper.



We got back to the truck without any other fish. I measured him there and he came in right at 26″. Would be a decent tourney fish!

It was around 3pm and we were done!



We will be exploring Point Aux Chenes more in the near future, but this will be the last marsh trip until the end of the month most likely.

Fish on Sat. caught on: H&H Cocahoe Minnow (Blk/Chart.) on 1/8oz Jighead (White)

Fish on Sun. caught on: Bayou Chub Minnows (Rtbr/Chart.) on 1/4 oz Jighead (Chart.)

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