Cypremort Point: July 6th 2013

I have a friend who about 10 months ago moved to Dallas. He and his family were visiting us this week and we made plans to head to the marsh. The plans were to originally head to PAC, but with the weather we had over the weekend, we figured we’d head west of us to Cypremort Point to try and avoid the most of the weather. Last year around this time we made a similar trip to Burns Point which resulted in him catching one 16″ red, and me; just sore arms and a sunburn. The bay was rough as we headed from Burns Point State Park to the marsh (about a mile to the north), and he was smoking me in my father-in-law’s Old Town Vapor 10 (I was paddling a Jackson Coosa at the time).

This year’s trip was a little bit different. We reached Cypremort Point and went into the park. We headed to the north end of the park and started unloading my truck. It was me, Trey (from Dallas), & Andrew. I just bought a Jackson Cruise a couple of weeks ago for my wife, and Trey was using that boat for the day. We put in and headed north into Shark Bayou.


Now, Cypremort Point is new water for us. We’ve mostly stuck to the Cocodrie/PAC areas this year. As we headed into the cuts along the main bayou, you could see plenty of bait busting everywhere. We put in around 8am or so, and eventually Trey hooked up. He caught the guy out of the current on an Avocado Matrix Shad. He barely made it past 16″ but was legal! We continued to fight the winds and current as we paddled through the different cuts and canals. I would occasionally check my phone’s google maps to navigate through the maze. As we pulled the boats up to the grass on each side of this canal, Trey hooked onto another! This one around 16.5″ on a Tsunami Holographic Swimbait in blue tiger.

Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 12.01.27 PM


The day was turning out to be pretty uneventful for me. We were just about done but Trey wanted to fish one of the two manmade canals behind the park. After checking the map, he decided on the canal directly behind the park. We battled the wind as we paddled/casted up it. I spooked about a six foot gator off of the bank. There was a small cove at the dead end of the canal and just for kicks Andrew casted his Sac Au Lait rod in there. His cork bobbed and he felt a snag, but knowing better, he kept tension and pulled up a decent Flounder. As he got it in the boat, the hook came off straightened.


After that we called it a day and leisurely paddled back to the park. Out of the whole trip the only thing I got was some severe sunburn on my feet. But I am glad that Trey got to fish while he was visiting and more glad he caught two of the three fish of the day. We will be back to Cypremort Point eventually to try to learn the area better.


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