Reds in the Grass

It was originally predicted to rain all day on Saturday but on Friday night, TWC’s predictions changed to rain in the afternoon so we figured we would make a morning trip. Karl had a bad experience at LA 1 Slamboree and at first I didn’t think he’d give kayak fishing a chance but he decided to go again this weekend. With that, we headed to the marsh.

We were on the water near an area we’ve fished quite a bit but decided to head further back into the marsh. The wind was steadily picking up throughout the day, but nothing like we experienced two weeks ago, and it was blowing from the east. Andrew and I separated and were fishing two different sides of the little peninsula. Karl joined Andrew and quickly hooked onto a 25.5″ red. It was originally a blind cast but as he started his retrieve, he saw the fish turn. This was his first fish in a kayak.

photo-17 photo-20


We started moving into some really skinny water, seeing blue crabs and gar everywhere. Water was about 2-4″ deep in some spots and the gar were just sitting there and we’d be drifting/poling over them when they’d spook.

We made it out to deeper water on the side of the peninsula that I had been fishing earlier. I casted to a couple of big sheepshead but they weren’t interested. I paddled pass a large cove and saw the top of a red near the shore. By the time I was ready to cast, he had moved. Andrew had started drifting a grass flat and was spooking quite a few so Karl & I headed that way. Andrew landed a 25″ there. I drifted the flat and saw a few big reds, drum and gar. I was nearing the western bank of the area and looking for any fish. I could see a bright red shadow in the water. I had to cast twice. He took no interest the first time but the second time he slammed it and immediately took off. He put up a nice little fight and was a little bigger than I thought he’d be, coming in at 24.75″, 25″ if I pinched the tail. Immediately after, Karl landed another, somewhere between 17-18″.

photo-22 photo-25photo-24

We had told the girls that we’d be heading back around lunchtime so we started the paddle back, stopping every so often to fish a little bit but with no more success.

It was a great day and even though there weren’t a lot of fish, they were upper-slot fish and that’s good! Also, I forgot the gopro at home this time, so no videos from tis trip.

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