Two Days, One Fish

So earlier in the week I headed down to the marsh. Mark, who has joined Andrew & I before, had still yet to catch a red, so I figure he and I could try to change that.

We got down to the launch around 8am on Tuesday & got stuck talking to some guys that were crabbing down there. We didn’t get on the water until around 8:30 and high-tailed it to an area I had been before that offered decent sightfishing. When we got there, we started seeing reds everywhere but they were not digging my offer. I finally got one interested enough, but no sooner had the fight started it was over. Bad hook-set maybe? I’m not sure. Anyway, we called it a day by lunchtime and headed home. Mark’s interest lasted about 2 hours into the trip and he spent the rest of his time paddling around while I fished. photo-6photo-3

The next day I headed back out to the same area. It was pretty much the same story. Winds were out of the NE and varied between 5-10. Watched plenty of fish, but they weren’t interested. I worked a large area for quite a while trying to get one to bite, changing up lures and trying everything I had but with no luck.

Finally saw one a few feet to my left swimming in the opposite direction. The first cast that I made was off. By the time I was ready to cast again, he was I few feet behind me but the cast was right on. He chased it down and put up a good little fight. He measured in at 24.75″.photo-5 8519A770-9C0B-4CB9-BF03-48398AAE7A0A-5140-000006901189D4FC_zps18e9b9e8Last month I joined the tagging program by the CCA. I had still yet to tag a fish and had planned to tag any fish that were caught that day. So this guy was my first tagged fish.

After that, I hung around that area just a little while longer before moving on. All morning I had seen quite a few reds & schools of mullet all over the area. But after moving on, I started seeing drum & sheepshead everywhere. I gotta figure them sheepshead out!


I continued on in search of any more reds. Sight-casted to several more but it was mid-day by then and they just cruised on.

On another note, I’ve realized that even with the battery backpack, GoPro’s battery life is horrible, so I’ll soon need to invest in back-up batteries for it.

Here is a cool article I found that shows some of the info that the tagging program provides:

My solo fish in this post was caught on an H&H Secret Redfish Gold Spoon.

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