Last PAC Attack Pre-fish

Headed out again today. It was our last chance to pre-fish for PAC Attack. We fished at two different spots today; starting in the morning further exploring the area we’ve been fishing, then moving to a new area around 10:30 or so. I also brought along the DSLR today.

At the first spot, I had two hook-ups with one cast between them. Neither resulted in a caught fish. I did eventually land one a little later when I saw a tail up against the grass.

We moved to the next area, where Andrew picked up one, and two more for me (+ one more miss). The wind was starting to pick up and the thunder heads were building from the east so we called it a day. Glad we did, that storm was violent!

As I mentioned before, I brought along the DSLR and got some shots today:DSC_2289-1 DSC_2290-2 DSC_2292-3 DSC_2294-5 DSC_2299-6 DSC_2300-7

And the fish:49FF8C09-482A-48EF-9921-6D90E5908373-8298-00000B07782A0DBB_zps8e866498-1 F773BE73-9A9F-4313-AF1E-887168DD773F-8298-00000B0781DB3F40_zpsc7e21cdf-2 B5090D55-10CE-4212-925D-C5AE7071BE4D-8298-00000B0789F957B6_zpsf371f680-3 6809CB9B-2F45-4628-9C41-073846E93293-8298-00000B07D04ACAEA_zps07928f06-4

None of the fish were very big. We saw a few mid-upper slot fish but couldn’t get them to bite. Hopefully that’s different come next weekend. Also, all fish were tagged and released.

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