The Closing Window

Pointe Aux Chenes has been one of our “go-to” spots this summer. It seems that as the water heats up, so does the redfish action. The Island Rd. WMA has been one of our favorite areas to fish in PAC, due to the large submerged grass beds that have appeared this summer. They clean the water up and make it pretty easy to sight fish.

After PAC Attack, I decided to make another trip later the next week. Not long after launching and searching along the edge of one of the beds, I saw a small school of reds approaching. There were maybe 5 fish. It took several casts but I was able to land photo-4This was also my first time using the Jackson Kayak Cruise 12 that we bought as my wife’s kayak. She had only used it once so far and it had been loaned out to other friends when they joined Andrew and I. I have to say that I’m quite pleased with the boat.

The wind picked up and after missing one other fish that chased the lure to my boat, I decided to pack it


Fast forward to this week, as I headed back to the same area to see if the bite was still on. In just a week’s time, many of the grass beds have started to disappear. I traveled northward to try to get to some of the skinnier areas. I did see quite a few fish, but only moments before they saw me. The water was a bit murkier than before.

The last area that I headed to was the edge of a small grass mat and there were a few tails cruising nearby. One nice red was swimming closer and closer toward me but wanted nothing to do with the spoon I was offering. With one last desperation cast, the lure landed right on his head and he spooked off. Not long after I called it a day.

So, though the window may be closing on one of our favorite spots this summer, on the bright side, Fall is

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