Time for some freshwater…

Andrew and I had decided that after PAC Attack, we were going to take a weekend off. Then, stick to some freshwater areas for a change-up. We decided to head to Flat Lake, just north of Morgan City, to fish for bream and bass. But Flat Lake is notorious during the late summer for being overrun with lilies and hyacinth on the north-end. The only way through are paths that the bass boats cut through to get to the north bayous, and that’s way too risky to try to navigate in a kayak. Add to the equation that the landing was hosting a bass tournament Saturday morning. We decided on a second option.

Flat Lake is on the western side of the east Atchafalaya basin protection levee. On the eastern side of the levee is the small town of Stephensville. The town sits right between lakes Palourde to the south, and Verret to the north and Bayou Magazille runs right through. photo 1Truth be told, nobody ever does extremely well in Stephensville or Bayou Magazille anymore. At one time I’m sure that it was a very productive area, but in my opinion, has been very much over fished. Still, every so often someone will catch a nice bass, so there’s always hope.

Andrew immediately went to throwing a mini-jig under a bobber for bream. I’d start with a chatterbait, then worm, then throw the bream rig. We did end up with some fish, all very small bluegill and other sunfish. Everything was released.photo-3 photo-4 photo-5

At the end of the day, Tracey and her co-worker joined us as we made a quick paddle trip in Gibson. The crispness of the afternoon had me feeling as though the hi should’ve been 70 for the day. The first real cold front is said to be heading through near the end of the week, then it will hopefully be on!photo-8 photo-6

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