Fall is in full swing!

The cold fronts have been coming through somewhat steadily recently. With the weather warming up during the week, and cooling down after a front by Friday, we decided it was time to return to areas of LA 1 that we hadn’t visited in a while. The forecast was calling for a mostly clear day, but winds in the 10-15mph range, and gusts up to 25.IMG_2732-1

We arrived at our spot right after sunrise and were greeted almost immediately. Karl brought along market shrimp, but started off throwing an artificial and had a red right away. I broke off from Karl & Andrew and stalked along a shoreline where I’d seen a few blow-ups. After a few minutes I started to give up, but then saw that familiar “V” shaped wake on the water, followed by jumping shrimp and blow-ups wherever it went. I followed him shortly and cast ahead of him. I waited and estimated when he’d be about to my lure and twitched it. There he was, first red of the day. IMG_2736-4

Soon after, the clouds moved on and the sun lit up the water. In the shallows, the water was very clear, clearest that I’ve seen without grass around. I spooked several fish that were hiding out in a protected little cove. Sometimes you have to spook them to find out what they’re doing.

I moved on further south in the same direction Karl & Andrew went and found a cut off of the main bayou. The bottom was covered in oysters. I picked up three small reds in there and then headed into the ponds it was feeding.IMG_2739-5 IMG_2741-6 IMG_2744-8

I searched around in the first pond for a bit but only spooked baitfish and one small slot red. I moved to the next pond and saw activity. Eventually, I made my way further toward the other connected ponds. I ended up in a cut that ran between three ponds. There were a few fish in the middle pond, but I couldn’t get the lure in the right place with the wind. I thought I saw a crab on the oyster bed below me so I started to drop the lure in front of him just out of boredom. Immediately, a red darts out from under my boat and smashes the lure. After landing him, I get a call from Karl. He and Andrew were fishing with shrimp on the bottom and caught a couple of decent trout. Having already caught five reds so far, I figured I’d go meet up with them.IMG_2745-9IMG_2747-11

When I found them, they had a few crabs, croaker, pinfish, reds and trout in Andrew’s “Tuna Tank” livewell. They had used some of the croaker to catch the trout. I ended up picking up a throwback trout there.

We continued on together, fishing in the main bayou. I tried to cast to a large sheepshead that I saw with no luck. I’m determined to get one on an artificial! I anchored off in front of a cut feeding into another pond. I worked the bottom there for a few minutes with just a pinfish to show for it. Then headed into the pond to find another small cut linking it to another pond.IMG_2752-12

I cast toward the second cut and got distracted with my other line. Not long after I noticed that the line was moving and so was the rod, but by the time I picked it up, whatever had been pulling let go. I cast again and pretty soon after had another red fighting me.IMG_2757-13

All of the reds caught by me were tagged and released this trip.

I soon met back up with Karl & Andrew and we slowly worked our way back to the truck, stopping to fish along the way.IMG_2762-15 IMG_2763-16

After loading up, Andrew gave his red to one of the bank fisherman near us. We then headed to Bridgeside Marina for a quick lunch, and after eating headed for the beach where we proceeded to surf fish. We didn’t catch anything but did watch the porpoises out off the beach smashing bait. They started going aerial which was pretty awesome to witness.IMG_2766-17 IMG_2767-18 IMG_2769-20

We played around with a few blue crabs that had attacked Andrew’s croaker, one of which had the bluest claws that I can ever remember seeing.IMG_2776-21

It was a long day of fishing but was fun. The Grand Isle area is definitely one of my favorite areas to fish. If it weren’t for the drive, I’d be down there every weekend.

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