It seems as though I’ve been neglecting this blog lately, but not for much longer. I’ll have a recap from the past gap up soon.


Also, Happy New Year

3 Comments on “Neglect

  1. Hey there,
    I live in BR and am new to kayak fishing (as in, I just bought a kayak). I’ve been looking up tips to setup a fishing kayak and your blog caught my eye. I looked through all your posts but I don’t think I saw a post dedicated purely to your setup (i.e. freshwater vs. saltwater setup, etc.). I’m looking for all the input/advice I can get for the best setup and techniques, so I would definitely be interested to see how you have your kayak laid out, if you ever decide to dedicate a post to it. Great blog – I’ll keep following along for more tips!

  2. Hey, and welcome to the sport (addiction)! I haven’t dedicated a full post to my rig yet as I just hadn’t gotten around to it, but it definitely is something I could do to pick up the inactivity that I’ve had lately. I’ll try to post a rig rundown sometime in the next few days!

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