Grand Avoille Cove

Near the beginning of the year, my friend Andrew, who I’ve fished with most over the past few years, moved to Lafayette. Lafayette is about an hour and a half drive from where my wife and I live in Morgan City, so we haven’t been fishing together much since November. He’s also been traveling a bit for his job, but had a weekend home and was ready to get back out on the water.

A little less than a year ago, we made a trip out to Grand Avoille Cove, near Lake Fausse Point in Charenton. We found a hole full of bream and loaded up. Since he’ll be headed out of town again next week, he wanted to hit up a spot closer to home, and Grand Avoille Cove was the spot on both of our minds. I also ended up recruiting Mark into going as well. We still needed to get him something other than a catfish.IMG_3316 IMG_3315

I’ve been stinking it up when it comes to bass fishing. I blame it most on the fact that I never fish for them, opting for inshore areas most of the time. I wanted to end the freshwater skunk that I’ve got on me when it comes to bass. Unfortunately, I haven’t shaken it yet, although I had more strikes than usual. I just couldn’t get a hook-set. The day wasn’t a total loss though.

At our first location, we had been drifting in a bayou. I had two missed hook-sets already and the bayou was barricaded off ahead of us. I figured I would try my perch/crappie rig at the barricade posts, and it didn’t take long before I was pulling in a decent little sac au lait.IMG_3317


If you’re not from South Louisiana, you know these fish as crappie, most likely. If you live in Louisiana (south of I-10 seems to be the rule), then you might refer to them as Sac Au Lait, which translates roughly to “milk bag.” Go figure.

The current pushed me into the fence and if there were others like this guy hanging around, I’m pretty sure that they spooked. We fished the area a little while longer, with only Andrew scoring a small goggle-eye (or warmouth, or rock bass). Even the hole we found holding bream on our last trip left us empty this time.

After missing at least one more strike on a bass lure, I started throwing the perch rig at the base of a large cypress tree. A few casts put three more fish in my boat, two bluegills and one goggle-eye.IMG_3319 IMG_3322

The goggle-eye were the fish that we were all catching for the rest of the day. Andrew landed several, and Mark finally got one too. I continued targeting bass after having a few bream in the bag, but after Mark caught his (around 12pm), it pretty much shut down. There were a couple of guys running lines and while near us they pulled up a big Choupique. We could overhear them (they were only 20ft from us) and they didn’t know what it was. They may have tossed it back in, but I wasn’t really paying attention.

The rest of the day, I mostly just took pictures of the scenery. It was a great day to be on the water. If only I could end my bass-less streak…IMG_3324 IMG_3325 IMG_3327 IMG_3329 IMG_3321 IMG_3330

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