Monday Fishing


The weather on Saturday seemed too good to pass up a day in the marsh, but I had to. It didn’t seem like I’d have another chance until the next weekend. But we were blessed to get a chance to spend Monday out on the water!

We headed down to the area that we spend the most time. There were a few spots where we had seen shell bottoms when the water was lower. We got out in the morning and headed to those spots, seeing mud trails under the boats as we spooked unseen fish. The water was pretty murky and even though the morning seemed not so cloudy, it became a mostly cloudy day. Sight fishing was out of the question, given the conditions. I started off throwing a Seeing Spots inline spinner with a matrix shad, and I was getting hits on it, but no committing. I played around with a few more lures and landed a smallish (17.75″) red near a clump of grass.IMG_3372 IMG_3370

After some serious searching, we decided to head toward another area where we’ve had more results in the past and it paid off for me. Because the water was high, there were a lot of fish spooking from just under us because we couldn’t see them through the murkiness. I headed to a honey-hole where I’ve limited out in the past. There was a lot of bait action all over the place, and this spot was no exception. I made a short cast along the bank and felt a freight train hit. I felt no resistance after the hit so I assumed the fish hit-and-ran, but then saw my line moving through the water. After setting the hook, and a short fight, I was a little surprised. It was a hefty 25″ red. Not what I was expecting in this spot. I’m not great at guessing weight, but this fish was pretty heavy. Would’ve been great for a tourney!IMG_3375 IMG_3376

After a bit more searching, we called it a day. Nobody else caught anything. When we got back to the launch, we were told that the trout bite had been on lately and that most were coming up empty on reds. Both fish were tagged and released today.

This could be considered a pre-fish for the Lafayette Kayak Fishing Club’s Speck & Redfish Cup this weekend. It’s a fish anywhere tourney with weigh-in at Pack and Paddle in Lafayette. I believe we will be fishing come Saturday, but I’m still unsure if I’ll be taking part in the tournament.

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