What’s Been Up?

Kayak fishing is a growing sport, and one of main reasons for this growth is community. There is a communal spirit in the kayak fishing sport, that is absent in many other sports. Kayak anglers almost have a brotherhood between them, in that when you see other guys fishing off the side of the road in their plastic boat, you almost have to honk at them, to have them see the boats strapped in the back of your truck and let them know that you’re part of the brotherhood.

There’s also a willingness to share in this community. Kayak fishing clubs and forums have sprouted up everywhere and members are usually happy to share information with newer paddlers. I’ve been a member of a few of these clubs/forums. Lafayette Kayak Fishing Club and Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club are two of the local clubs that I’m a part of. I’ve also been a member of YakAngler for a little while now.

YakAngler is a national site for kayak fisherman. Committed to the growth of the sport, YakAngler includes reviews on kayaks and gear, lists of kayak fishing guides, launch locations across the country, articles on all things related, fishing reports, forums and more. They also host the annual Kayak Angler Choice Awards near the end of every year.

I was a bit surprised and honored last week when I was asked to become a member of the regional pro team for YakAngler. Louisiana has two pro team members, one being myself and the other being Shane Coleman (Marsh Life Yakin) of Lake Charles.

This is an exciting opportunity and I’m pumped about it!

pack_paddle_front_w_sign1I’m also now working at Pack & Paddle in Lafayette, LA, which has always been my favorite outfitter! It is where I purchased both of my kayaks and my previous Jackson Coosa, as well as many of the accessories that I’ve used in rigging. Not only will I be able to help others learn more about this sport, but I’ll be able to learn more about the other products and other outdoor activities! I’m super pumped with what happening in life!

0P2T9308web pack_paddle_outdoor-kitchen

The last thing, and the most important. My son is due to arrive a month from today! While I don’t think we really know what we’ve gotten ourselves into, I’m excited and ready to have a new fishing buddy!


Thanks for keeping up with Bayou Yakkin! I will have new trip reports up soon!

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