There are days when little goes right…

We all have them, I hope… Days on the water where, for some reason, things just don’t work out. I had one of those days yesterday.

A buddy and I headed out at 5 am. The sun was up when we launched at our location. It was an area we’ve both fished before and we know it pretty well. Soon after we put in, another two kayak anglers showed up and where fishing the same location. As always, the wind was blowing much harder than forecasted and caused a bit of chop on the water.

My buddy hooked up first with a 24″ red. He was in a Hobie Pro Angler 12 and I was in a borrowed Jackson Cuda 12. I was borrowing it to see how it handled compared to the Cuda 14.IMG_3645

He hooked up again with a barely legal 16″ red, then again with one around 20″. All the while, no matter what I threw, I was getting no interest from the fish. I did eventually get a few hits, but they kept letting go.

The climax of my frustration came when I was in some fairly clear water. The sun was making a rare appearance & I could see pot-holes in the grass bed under me. Right at the nose of my kayak was a fairly large red. He had to have been at least 26″, but was beefy. He spotted me and began to swim off. After getting about 10 ft. from me he stopped and I made a cast. I was using a vortex shad on a casting rod and didn’t have time to start reeling and lock the spool before he took it and took off. As the line was peeling off my reel with my thumb as the only tension, I locked the spool and set the hook. The battle lasted all but 2 seconds as my line gave and he swam off with my lure. I’m convinced that somehow, my line had to have ended up around his gill-plate.

I didn’t have any more interest all day. It was just a rough day for me, but my friend took home 3 fish! I figure I had to be doing something wrong but I’m not sure what.

What’s funny about him; his kayak (the PA 12) was also borrowed. When we arrived at the put-in, he realized he had forgotten his tackle box. In one of the horizontal rod tubes on the PA there was a vortex shad hidden in there. He grabbed it and started using that. It was the only rod he used all day! All of his fish were caught on a lure he found in the borrowed boat!

Anyway, here are a couple pics I took at work this week:IMG_3640 IMG_3642


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