Gettin’ Froggy

My plan for this past weekend was to take out the Ride 135 and give it a nice test run. I’ve been taking out some of the demo boats that we sell to learn first-hand how they handle and everything. But after church on Sunday morning, Karl and I were invited to go with a friend in his Skeeter. We met up around 4:30 in the afternoon to do some evening bass fishing in the south Atchafalaya Basin. IMG_3880IMG_3882

We first headed to a bar pit that our friend, Elton, knew about. We went in & got to throwing some finesse baits and punching baits. Everyone had at least one nibble that we felt. Elton eventually pulled up a nice perch.

As we headed further back into the pits, we all started throwing topwater frogs. Elton and Karl both had some decent blow-ups, and eventually Karl hooked up! This would be his first bass on a frog! A baby gator snapped at Elton’s frog and didn’t want to let it go but eventually did.IMG_3883 IMG_3885

We eventually headed out from the pits and headed north to the mouth of a bayou on the north side of a lake. The area is know for having large grass mats this time of year, where big bass will hang out in the evening. Problem was that we couldn’t find the grass where it was supposed to be. I was switching out between a chatterbait and a frog every few casts and eventually saw my frog disappear just under the water’s surface. By the time I had reeled up and swung to set the hook, the fish had let it go.

Not too long after, we started working the edge of the large floating hyacinth beds and Elton had a decent one on. Karl had a couple more blow-ups but no hook-set.IMG_3886

We eventually found ourselves on the edge of a grass bed where the fish were stacked. By this point the sun was all but gone. We were all throwing frogs again and we were all having blow-ups. I’m too use to a redfish bite and could not get a hookset, but Karl managed to pull one more in amidst the many misses that we were all getting.IMG_3887

The one lesson I came away with is that I definitely need to fish freshwater for bass more often! I’ve already been doing more Google Earth scouting for more kayak accessible waters!

Even though I went fish-less Sunday afternoon, we all had fun and decided we’re gonna  to try to make another trip work soon.

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