Fishing Blind…

… not literally, but close…

I’ve worn glasses for almost as long as I can remember, since I was maybe 7 or 8 years old. I’ll start there. I’ll also say that I hate sandflies. Ok, on to the report.

Karl and I had the opportunity to fish together again. It’s not an opportunity that we often get. We decided to change it up a little bit and hit up an area almost completely new to us.

The great thing about so many of the marshes down here is that it will take you a while to completely discover a location. There’s just so much marsh! And we’ve fished Cocodrie before. It’s been a special place to us. But there was still more to see, and we had gotten a tip on where to go this time from a friend. IMG_4160IMG_4159

No matter how early we leave home, we always manage to be on the water just after sun-up. Anyway, the spot we were headed to was a decent little haul, and we didn’t waste a lot of time. We headed straight for the area, fighting a significant chop and current (no thanks to the many larger boats plowing through the water and leaving big wakes).

Once we finally reached the destination, there were signs of reds pretty quickly. There were a few blow-ups right along the grass line. The water was not very clear, but not quite to chocolate milk state. You could definitely still see fish at times, but this was definitely not an area like we normally fish with thick submerged grass cleaning up the water!

Any time I’d see movement that looked to be anything more than just bait, I’d make a cast. But it was Karl who hooked up first…IMG_4163

… to a tiny rat red! I wish I had gotten a picture. Even by rat red standards, this was a small fish!

Shrimp were jumping everywhere and it didn’t take long before there were several in the boat with me. Noticing this, I had changed my primary lure from a soft plastic minnow to a shrimp. I unfortunately did not have great colors for my shrimp lures and the effort proved to be unfruitful. As we reached our turn-around point, we had each had a few sightings, nibbles, and spit-hooks or missed hooksets.IMG_4165 IMG_4170

Remember how I said that I hate sandflies? Well, one had been flying around and had ended up on my sunglasses. I swatted at him hoping to deter him, but my arms didn’t phase him. I realized that he was on the inside of my glasses, so after taking off my hat, buff, and fit-over sunglasses, I figured a good head-shake would scare him away. Well, that head-shake signaled the last time I would see my eyeglasses. As they hit the water my jaw dropped in disbelief. I could not believe I had lost my eye glasses with such a careless act.

I immediately thought that we needed to leave, but realized that chances were that I wouldn’t be able to replace them until during the week at some point. So we floated and fished on.

While Karl focused on an area where he had seen a nice wake, I anchored down to try to figure things out. I can see “ok” without my glasses. I can make out a lot, but everything’s blurry. I definitely figured sight fishing was out of the question. But ahead of me I saw two dark shadows heading into the grass line. A couple minutes later and they were out and heading towards me, so I made a cast. One of the shadows slammed the lure and started a small fight with me only to spit the lure pretty quickly. It only took a few minutes more and I noticed another within six feet of the boat! This one didn’t get away!IMG_4166 IMG_4167


After a little while longer, the heat started getting to us. So we started the long paddle back to the marina. Along the way, I saw a fish’s back out of the water up on the bank and immediately halted the trip back in. I ended up picking him up too. They were both of identical length, right about at 19.5″.IMG_4169

I almost had one more in some pretty rough water! He was cruising a shell drop-off and was very noticeable, but my cast landed badly and I lost my opportunity for him.

Unfortunately, I don’t function as well as I fish without my glasses and dug an old pair out as soon as I got home. I’d been toying around with getting contacts, maybe I’ll revisit that idea…

Gear Used:

The productive tackle for the day…

  • Line:  FINS Windtamer 20lb. Braid w/ Fluorocarbon Leader
  • Lures: Vortex Shad in Spartacus (Black/Chart.), Matrix Shad in Tigerbait
  • Rod:  7′ Medium/Heavy – Moderate/Fast Rod
  • Reel: 3000 Spinning Reel – 6.2:1 Gear Ratio


One Comment on “Fishing Blind…

  1. I feel your pain. Last year at the GI state park fish cleaning station I tossed a some fish carcasses into the water…at the same time my wedding ring went with them. I had it for 13 yrs.

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