The Point

Around this time of year, when the fronts start coming through and the river is low, the attention of many kayak anglers between Lafayette and Morgan City, LA turns to one location. The Point.

The Point is located right on the edge of the bay and is slit between Iberia & St. Mary Parishes. Though people fish here year-round, the action is always much better in the Fall of the year.

With a new kayak to break in, Andrew and I headed to the Point after hearing several good reports from friends and other club members. I wasn’t too worried about getting out before sunrise. The weather was forecasted with a sixty percent chance of rain, but that wasn’t slowing us down! We were on the water around 7:30am to sunny skies.IMG_0252 IMG_0253

I began trolling a jighead soon after we launched and paddled/fished an area very close to the launch. While fishing, I was keeping an eye on the bay. I was waiting to see gulls start diving, attacking baitfish on the service. When I finally saw birds, another boat was fishing the school. In most situations, I would’ve respected the other angler, but the Point gets so populated that you expect to share bait-busting schools with other anglers, so that’s what I intended to do. When I got to the area, another boat had already joined. So there we were, a bay boat, an aluminum skiff, and a kayak (with another kayak and bay boat on the way). Even with the amount of boats fishing these birds, I did not see fish being pulled up. Then I hooked up!IMG_0254

I immediately turned and told Andrew what I was throwing, a “purple haze” vortex shad. The other boats gave up as soon as the birds disappeared. Andrew and I stayed in the area and where soon on another set of birds!

This process continued most of the morning. We’d find birds, catch fish, find more birds, catch more fish. We did find victimized baitfish before the birds a few times. Every cast we were getting hooked up. I had five in the net (and counting) and was still scooping up more, cast after cast! When we did lose that school, I measured the fish in my net. Nearly all measured 13″-14″. The largest of the day for me was 18″.IMG_0262

We were following more topwater hits, while keeping an eye on some ominous clouds. I hooked up with what I figured was another trout, until he really started fighting. To my disgust it was a fat sailcat.IMG_0260

We caught more trout and then the wind started kicking up, giving us a bit of chop. We both agreed that we were happy with our coolers and decided to try to find redfish in the nearby marsh. Long story short, that plan came up empty and we headed in.

By this point, the wind was really howling and the bay was quite rough. The wind had drifted us to the north side of the state park beach which would’ve made the paddle back about only a half-mile. We figured it would be easier to just walk back to the truck and come back for the kayaks.

Andrew’s Tuna Tank with his catch

I arrived back about 15 mins later and we started loading. While loading, I noticed a wake on the water and just casted a line out. Hooked up almost immediately! Two more trout for me, and I think three more for Andrew!

This trip was a great chance to break-in the new Cuda! I feel that something isn’t right though, I mean; it’s October and I haven’t made a redfish trip yet this month, haha!

I believe the fishing is just going to get better from here! Fall fishing is in full swing on the Louisiana Gulf Coast!

Gear Used:

The productive tackle for the day…

  • Line:  FINS Windtamer 20lb. Braid w/ Fluorocarbon Leader
  • Lures: Vortex Shad in Purple Haze (Purp/Chart.)
  • Rod:  7′ Medium – Moderate/Fast
  • Reel: 3000 Spinning Reel – 6.2:1 Gear Ratio

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