Kilroy Realtree Edition

We got a new shipment in of Jacksons at the end of last week and on that shipment was the new Kilroy Realtree Edition!IMG_1397 IMG_1398 IMG_1399

The hull of the Kilroy is based off of the Cuda 12, and is basically Jackson’s sit-inside fishing boat. The Realtree Edition obviously is outfitted with Realtree accessories. It comes in Lowland camo, and has areas of the hull where Realtree Advatage Max-5 is printed directly. It still includes the four rod holders on the inside walls and the newest version of Jackson’s Hi-Lo Elite Seat, but also comes with a blind that fits the length of the boat and a matching seat cover and soft-decks (one of which is equipped with a decoy bag).IMG_1400

I’m not a duck hunter, and even I think this is a pretty sweet set-up!

More Info and Specs Here!

“Kayak-Jack” is the man.                                            IMG_1401

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