Tools for Sight-Fishing

One of the most common drawbacks to being a kayak angler who sight-fishes has come from the lack of stealthiness we sometimes can cause. I’ve had a situation occur for me in the past, where I’ll spot a fish and need to put down my paddle / pick up my rod. Sometimes the process of doing that will spook the fish or you give the fish too much time and they notice your presence. Either way, the opportunity is blown.

Enter in the paddle-clip belt. I’ve seen a few different versions of this belt, most being home-made. I had made on using a taco-clip, nylon strap, and tie-wraps. IMG_1705 IMG_1706

I stuck a wade fishing rod holder on there but it ends up being a bit of an inconvenience.

Anyway, the belt gives you the option to “holster” up your paddle giving you less to fumble with while trying to get your rod to make a cast.

Now, there’s a much more clean-cut and professionally built paddle-clip holder that’s just arrived at Pack & Paddle! The basic idea is the same but includes one element that gives it an advantage over most homemade designs…IMG_1700 IMG_1702 IMG_1701

In this design, the clip is mounted to a backing plate. This helps to keep the paddle balanced if it’s not directly centered in the clip. It also includes a bungee that secures the paddle into the clip, because the last thing you want when you pick up your rod is for the paddle to come loose and slam onto the deck of your kayak, spooking every fish nearby!

I like this new design and will definitely be giving it a try. It will be available exclusively at Pack & Paddle for around $35!

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