Welcoming 2015

The new year is here and I’ve already made a couple of trips! I actually started off the new year on the water on New Year’s Day.

I met up with fellow YakAngler regional pro staffer Shane Coleman (Marsh Life Yakin) down in Pointe Aux Chene. We threw around the idea of either him heading my way, or me heading west out to his waters in Lake Charles, but the weather lead me to believe the Pointe Aux Chenes area might be a good place to go.IMG_1825

Upon launching, the water was lower than I’ve ever seen it, leaving a lot of our fishing areas unreachable, even by kayak! Shane’s Mirage Drive was pretty useless for a little while. We ended up getting pushed around in the current and wind in a few canals before Shane finally caught a trout in one. With the wind blowing around 10-15 mph, and the water so low, I figured it might be a good idea to stay in the canals. DSC_0076

We fished up and down one canal particularly and I started seeing reds around mid-day. I had one following the Matrix Shad I was throwing, and another actually took it, but soon after came unhooked. I had a few more take it, but come undone. Shane caught a few more reds before we called it a day a little early. I didn’t want to stay out too late knowing he had about a 3.5 hour drive home. Scott was out there also, and fishing in a different area and the wind was causing havoc for him too. He did pick up one redfish, which is better than the skunk I was experiencing!

We did see the PAC wild horses and I saw a mink hanging out on a log. That was cool.DSC_0080


A few days later, conditions looked perfect on weather underground for a good day sight-fishing. Stephen Outten mentioned to me that he wanted to hit up one of the Terrebonne marshes with just his fly rod. I originally wanted to do the same, but ended up bringing along a bait-caster as well. Though Stephen went out around 8am to do some duck scouting for the following day, I didn’t get out there until around 12. I made it right on time!

It didn’t take long to find some action. I was pretty quickly spotting lower slot redfish cruising around in the shallows. I did first start throwing the fly, but switched to the bait-caster and picked up a 20″ red. Not long after, I started spooking small schools of reds that were hanging out on the edge of the grass beds. I saw some stirring ahead of me and made a few casts with a Buggs Curl-tail Jig. Nothing. As I almost had the lure out of the water after retrieving, a 24″ red comes out of nowhere and slams it! Here’s a screenshot of the take!Redfish take

After another red, I met up with Stephen and a friend of his, Gavin, on the north side of this pond. Sure to his word, Stephen had brought just his 8 wt. and had been catching reds all morning!IMG_1871 IMG_1873 IMG_1872

All was pretty quiet until around sunset at 5-5:30. The angle of the sun made the water appear black. We ended up in a cove full of tailing reds and every tail was lit up in contrast to the black water. It was awesome. Stephen was casting to one and had me come up and was coaching me on the fly rod. Still wasn’t able to get it going. I did however have one more red in the dark right near the marina. Soon after, we started catching trout right by the marina in the dark!IMG_1878

I will start throwing the fly more often, as it’s one of my fishing goals for the new year. Another is fishing freshwater more, and another is fishing out-of-state. The latter of those two should be taken care of this spring on a planned trip to Arkansas! I also plan to try to get back into the tournament schedule… that should be fun!

My set-up on the second trip:

Rinsing reels off in shower after getting home after dark.

I was throwing Buggs Curl-tail Jigs (Black/Gold, Blue Crab) on a 7′ Light-fast casting rod paired with a Shimano Caenan 100 spooled with FINS Shock Absorbing Braid (20#).

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