A Much Needed Trip

It had been exactly a month since my last real fishing trip when I mentioned to Scott that I was planning to head down to the Houma marsh on the 19th. The weather was looking good with the exception of the wind which was looking like it was going to be howling between 10-15 mph all day. It’s ok though, I’ve been in worst wind. Scott told me that he and Stephen had already been planning a trip down there so we planned on meeting up.

They left Lafayette around 8 am that morning and after bringing River to the baby sitter, I was finally heading down at 10. Much later than planned but at least I was going. They launched about an hour before me, and while I was still driving, Scott texted me that he had already caught a bull red!IMG_2230

I got to the launch and after evaluating the conditions, paddled up-canal to an opening that opens into a shallow lake, even more shallow with the low-tide and north winds. I was traveling north, into the wind, from my launch. I was hoping to get to an area that has been quite nice to me in the past, but the water was so shallow. I finally did meet up with Scott, who was drifting his way back to the direction of the launch.

It took a while, but eventually I did start seeing redfish swimming in the large grass beds. Most of them were spooking very easily, and I figured I’d have a hard time sneaking up on one. So I decided to camp. I anchored in the area and stood up in my Cuda, just waiting for a redfish to swim by. In the meantime, I decided to just cast around my position on the off-chance that the lure would end up in front of a red. And wouldn’t you know it, it happened!IMG_2223

I didn’t really feel him take the spoon I was throwing, but my retrieval did feel different and when I looked, I could see his head swimming along with my line. But as soon as I set the hook, he started peeling off line. It wasn’t a very long fight, but this 28.25″ baby bull was fun. I was satisfied enough to pack-up and head back to see my boy, but I wanted to keep exploring.

I knew Scott was headed to an area that I fished very briefly back in 2013 with Andrew, and I wanted to check it out again. It was quite a little paddle but I made it.

I a little while of sight-stand-up-paddling, I finally saw another red, looking to be around 20″. I made several casts at him and he was checking out the lure, but not showing interest in eating. One side of his face was pretty badly damaged, probably due to a porpoise. After about 5 casts, he lost interest and swam away. That’s when it got interesting.

I started seeing huge redfish swimming in groups of two and three. Unfortunately, no lure, presentation, or cast could get one of the line. Maybe it was due to nerves. I’m not use to seeing 36″ redfish in two feet of water!

The trip did end early for me as Stephen and Scott stayed and caught some nice specks. I had to head home but I left motivated to head back to that location soon before those bulls decide to head back out.

Fun times and a great day back on the water after a month’s hiatus…IMG_2227

Tackle for the day:

I started the day off throwing a Vortex Shad in Shrimp Cocktail. I was hoping that lure would work with the water so clean. I ended up switching it with an Aqua Dream Spoon in Watermelon/Red. That was the lure that caught my solo redfish! As always, used FINS Windtamer (12 lb.) on a 7ft. medium/fast rod.

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