The day of the kayak army…

When I left Pack & Paddle the night of the Reel Paddling Film Festival, Scott and I were making plans for the next day. Scott had told me the day before that he was planning to take some of our reps down to the marsh to try to put them on some reds. I decided it was time for another trip, and I invited Karl to come along. By the time I had left the store, Scott informed me that the headcount for people tagging along was up to nineteen! Nineteen kayaks launching from Pointe Aux Chenes Marina!

The next morning I woke up late. Karl had been on time and knocking at the door, but after several minutes of waiting, decided to head home. By the time I woke up, I quickly got dressed and contacted Karl. It didn’t take him long to get back to my house and I was out the door!IMG_2405

When we finally made it down there, and after launching, we were seeing kayaks around every turn! Jacksons, Hobies, Natives, and Feelfrees… they were everywhere!

Karl & I decided to first head north of the marina. All was pretty quiet. We spooked a few reds here and there. And then Karl hooked up! It wasn’t a very long fight, but Karl netted what looked to be around a 24-25″ red.DSC_0166

Not long after, we decided to use the wind, which there was a significant amount of, to our advantage and drift back toward the marina, fishing the whole way.

We started to spot some nice over slot reds, and if we could get them interested in our lures, we’d prematurely set hooks. It was around that same time that we met up with another buddy kayaker in a Cuda 14, Stephen Boudreaux. Stephen told me he had hooked up with one earlier in the day, but couldn’t get him to the boat. DSC_0168

Continuing our drift, I spotted a decent slot red sitting stationary on the bottom on the edge of a submerged grass line. I pitched a gold spoon out and just as the lure was crossing his vision, a smaller redfish comes chasing down the spoon and inhales it. He did make it into the cooler!REDFISHIMG_2408

We did make it back to the launch, but with the plan to take out and move to another spot. Once at the new location, we combat launched. And due to the nature of our launch, I decided to go minimal with only the lures I had tied on and a handful that I’d thrown into the boat the night before. It did not payoff for me.

I tried to cover a lot of water fast at the new spot and I feel that I did that pretty well. Trying my best to use the wind, I paddled out against it and tried to let it push me back to our launch. But after meeting back up with Karl, we decided to head to another open-water type flat. When we got there we found Scott drifting the same flat.

I started seeing fish pretty quickly and I feel I might’ve caught another had I more time to drift the area back-and-forth, but Tracey texted me that River was giving her a hard time, so we packed it in. I don’t mind cutting fishing time short for that little guy!

In the end, it seems almost everyone caught at least one red, so that’s good!

There will be more trips to come as the weather becomes more consistent. I’m going to be targeting bass more, hopefully. It’s mostly just a task of pulling myself away from the idea of sight-casting to reds. It can become addictive!Werner Still 2

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