Non-Kayak Bassin’

I had planned to spend my day off at home cleaning, but that plan fell through when I woke up with my eight and a half month old son cuddled up next to me. We had slept in, which was needed for me, and now it was almost lunchtime. Tracey had been at work all morning texting me to try to find out what we were doing. As I was feeding River breakfast/lunch, I was finally awake enough to text her back a picture of him. She then asked if we’d join her and her parents for lunch.

Lunch with her folks was great. I’m not the biggest fan of American-Latin food, but it worked well that day. And after I dropped Tracey back off at work, her mom, Mrs. Kathy, called me to let me know that Tracey’s Dad, Mr. Daryl, was thinking about taking his bass boat out to Flat Lake if I wanted to go. And after making sure River could be watched at the sitter’s, I was on my way home to grab my gear.

It was a nice afternoon trip with very little rain (a lot was forecasted). The water on the north side of the lake was pretty muddied up. But as you worked up into the Cocodrie Bayou area, the water started cleaning up. IMG_2444 IMG_2447

Experimenting with different tackle, we found a few largemouth on crank baits. Mr. Daryl was first to hook up, then me with a larger fish, then Mr. Daryl again with one around the same size as mine. He ended up catching one more that waterski’d across the surface as he reeled it in! I only hooked up one more time but lost the fish pretty quickly. He was holding very closely to a tree. IMG_2451 IMG_2455 IMG_2454


That trip was a good way to ring in the bass season. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I’ll have an opportunity to take the Cuda out soon in search of more bucket mouths!

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