Last Week: 4/26 – 5/3

Well, last week was pretty crazy. I won’t go into too much detail, but Tracey and I started the week on Sunday at my parents house. They bought a sack of crawfish so I boiled them up for us. Man, I love crawfish!

While we were there, they had Weather Channel on and we were seeing images of the intense storms they were having in Dallas. Tornado warnings and hail! I knew that the weather was gonna pass over us in about 24 hours, but figured it would’ve calmed down by then. Well, I was wrong.


This was the radar about 45 minutes after it past over us. I was driving to Lafayette and right about the time I was passing New Iberia the sky went black. Then the wind started howling. I seriously thought I was going to see a tornado somewhere nearby. I’ve never driven in weather that bad. Honestly, it was the first time I’ve been scared of the weather while driving. And being near to New Iberia, I figured I should try to get to my Mom, who works in the town. I eventually found her camping out in her car in a library parking lot and we rode out the remainder of it together.


The following days were not nearly as bad. Moving into mid-week the weather actually was quite nice. I took the Cruise 12 on a quick trip to Lake Martin before work one day to try to catch some bass. I came up empty on the fish, but not on the experience. Lake Martin does not disappoint. Just a suggestion, if you want to paddle and learn about the lake, check out some of the events on Pack & Paddle’s website! Right now the birds are nesting in the rookery and the gators are hanging around and can be seen on some of the fallen trees. Also, the bream fishing is really good out there!








Now, I’ll fast forward to Sunday. We had a staff fishing trip that John and I both kinda led. Only two of my coworkers joined us, Susie and Jillian, neither of whom had ever fished before. While I was unloading (I was a little late), John gave them casting lessons on a spinning reel. As we launched, Jillian and I fished together in separate kayaks while John and Susie went tandem. Using a tandem, John was able to guide Susie the whole way through and help her catch two redfish. I would help Jillian with lure selection and telling her how to work it, as well as what to look for. In the midst of it, she hooked up with one fish, but it ended up spitting the hook. I was able to catch a couple myself and John picked up one red and a black drum, I believe. To read John’s report, click here!

Photo by John Williams
Photo by John Williams






So the week started off nice, got a little crazy, and then ended great fishing in the marsh with friends! Not to mention that I helped out with Pack & Paddle’s big demo day on Saturday (how did I forget that?!?). I got another chance to head down to my favorite marsh a few days later, but I’ll save that one for the next post!

FINS Windtamer was, of course, my line of choice and the productive lure on the marsh trip was a gold spoon (John tipped his with fish bites attractant).

2 Comments on “Last Week: 4/26 – 5/3

  1. I can see you had a lot of excitement Eli. I enjoy Lake Martin. I remember that time we went there on foot. I would love to see it through a kayak perspective.

    • Yeah man, that would be a good trip! One day when we’re both free we’ll need to make that happen.

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