Midweek Follow-up Trip

So, as I mentioned in the previous post, John Williams and I took Susie and Jillian to Pointe Aux Chenes. I decided that later in the week, I’d make a trip down again since it had been a little while since the last time I’d really fished the area. I’m gonna stop right here for a second…

…I need to make a note. I fish a lot and, in all honesty, Pointe Aux Chenes is easily my favorite area to fish. So when I say it had been awhile since I’d really fished the area, that means that it had been about three weeks, excluding the trip with the Pack & Paddle crew. Ok, onward…

I have a bad habit of oversleeping and sometimes decide not to make the two hour drive due to getting a late start. This is especially true in the late summer when it can be pretty important to get an early start with the temperatures getting dangerously high in the later parts of the day. I contemplated for a little bit about staying home but ultimately decided to make the drive and just make it a late trip.

When I did get out to PAC, the water was very high and so were the winds. I had a plan and that was to tuck into some of the shallow ponds to get protected from the wind and try to find fish cruising the grass lines. Redfish will sometimes get up in the marsh grass when the water is high enough, so getting as deep back into some of those ponds can sometimes pay off. They were there and cruising in and out of those ponds. With the water so clear, it could sometimes be a matter of just finding the right color.

I eventually opted for a spoon on one rod and a Buggs Curl-tail Jig on the other rod. I anchored down in the corner of a pond that I know reds cruise around and waited. There were tons of mullet everywhere. I had one red follow my bait a little bit and then spook when he saw me, and another swim past me following a drum. Neither one payed me much mind until I made cast. Spooked!

I switched to the Bugg. Two casts and I hooked up. He wasn’t the biggest guy and didn’t give me a “sleigh-ride” because I was anchored down, but it was still a targeted fish so I was happy. He probably measured in the 20″-21″ range. After releasing him, I went back to waiting for another ten minutes (maybe), and then continued on.

You'll be seeing this guy in a video eventually...
You’ll be seeing this guy in a video eventually…

A few unbuttoned fish later, I was right in this little clump of islands right on the edge of the open water. I noticed some “nervous water.” If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s what we use to describe wakes on the water caused by bait fish. Soon after see the “nervous water” I saw a larger wake and pitched the spoon in it’s direction. Hooked up! This one did pull me around and put up quite the fight. When I did boat him I decided that he would be a decent first entry in to the Lafayette Kayak Fishing Club’s annual CPR (Catch-Photo-Release) tournament. The tourney extends from March to October and you can submit Redfish, Trout, Flounder, and Largemouth Bass throughout the duration. You’re allowed to upgrade your fish multiple times and though this red wouldn’t put me near the top, it would get me in the tourney. Bull reds are legal and this guy only measured in right at 27″. Still, a nice fish!



I again continued on but without landing another fish. I hooked up quite a bit more, but every other fish threw the hook. Short-strikes or just bad hook sets, not sure.

Anyway, as I pulled into the driveway at home around 4:30pm I get a call from Aaron Stiger. Aaron’s the team manager at Jackson Kayak. We had been emailing a few times and anyway, I was offered a position on their regional fishing team to which I responded with, “yep, I definitely want to do that!” So yeah, I’ve been paddling a Jackson Kayak since I started kayak fishing and I consider this to be quite an honor. I’m excited and blessed to now be working with a family-owned American company that I truly believe to be at the top of this industry! Now, I’m looking forward to what’s to come!

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