The Way of Things in Pointe Aux Chenes

I’m going to start this post with this one statement: the wind has been ridiculous.

A couple of Saturdays ago was the Lafayette Kayak Fishing Club’s Speck & Redfish Cup. It was a fish anywhere tournament. Anglers fished in Grand Isle, PAC, Cocodrie, Big Lake, West Cove… any public water was open for participants to fish. I was unable to fish the tournament due to work, but with the weigh-in at Pack & Paddle I was able to be in attendance for that part of it. Congrats to all those who placed.

Kip Robicheaux came in third place, and my friends Trevor Braun and Scott Bienvenu took second and first, respectively.



11140287_980275345316155_5701570672264191598_n 11063960_980275365316153_4372159630510205868_n

Pretty much everyone saw 20-25 mph winds across the state but still some nice fish were brought in.

Karl & I had already planned to head down to PAC on Sunday and we were hoping conditions would be nice. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I feel that the winds were even worse when we got down there than they had been the day before. After running into another buddy who was planning to fish the area, Karl and I decided to fish an area that neither of us had fished in over a year. Hoping that a few islands would protect us from the winds, we headed out.

Other than a few nibbles, I got nothin’. Karl, on the other hand, had a run-in with three fish. Only one was caught though. He measured in around 23″-24″.


I made another trip midweek, while the winds were lower as well as the water. This time I fished an area of PAC that I’m much more familiar with. I never did find a definite lure that produced, but used several different lures to get bites. I used a curl-tail jig by Buggs Lures, a shrimp cocktail Vortex Shad, and an inline spinner bait by Seein Spots Lures.







Most fish were between 16″ & 21″. I got to cut in the marsh where there was water moving through and threw the vortex shad. It returned to me with a small trout attached to it.



The funnest catch of the day occurred as I was coming up on an old wooden weir. As I was retrieving my lure, I was watching it dart through the water. Then a redfish chased it down and took it. It’s always fun when a red unexpectedly appears and takes your bait!


By the end of the day, the winds were starting to rise again and with it, the water too.

The only good thing about the wind is that it keeps away the bugs and the fish really don’t seem to mind it too much!

2 Comments on “The Way of Things in Pointe Aux Chenes

  1. Where are you launching to get into PAC. I launch at Bason’s in Galliano and fish the East and South side of PAC.

    • Pete, there are several launches in Pointe Aux Chenes itself. It’s much easier to access it from there than from Bason’s, though Bason’s is nice too. Go to my Launch Locations page and check out the launches just to the west of Bason’s. PAC Marina is the most popular at the end of hwy 662.

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