Twenty-Eight Years in the Making…

Last Monday was my 28th birthday. It was a big weekend, but not because of my birthday. Saturday, we celebrated my son’s first birthday, which was great! *Side note: I recently got an Orion 45qt cooler. That thing is legit! We put it to the test in 90+ degree heat for his party. It wasn’t an official test, of course, but I will say that two days later, there was still ice inside and the remaining drinks were still cold.

So yeah, Saturday we celebrated his first birthday, and then Sunday was Fathers Day. Yay fatherhood!

For my birthday, I didn’t have to work so I went fishing. My plan was to be on the water early and hopefully back at the truck by noon. I like to get off the water early when the weather is as hot as it is. That particular day I had forgotten to grab food or drink on the way to the put-in, so after a few hours it was starting to bother me. I wasn’t seeing a lot of redfish, despite the clean water and mostly clear skies. The mullet were everywhere though. After a few hours, I saw a small wake swimming across a bayou and sent a cast it’s way. After a few seconds, I felt a bump and set the hook. It was a 16″ black drum.




Hooking the first fish of the day is always a relief. You feel that you can relax a little bit. I tell myself, “well, at least I didn’t skunk!”

More paddling and sight fishing attempts and the heat was really bothering me. I decided to head back to the truck and maybe drive to the nearby gas station. I thought I’d load up on some drinks and snack food and then maybe head back out. When I got a little closer to the put-in, I saw that there was a work truck blocking the launch. I decided to stay out a little bit longer, at least until the work truck was gone.

I was in an open-water area with a few small grass islands around. I noticed a subtle wake on the surface and a little bit closer to the boat I spotted a drum. His black and white bars gave him away. I made a cast to him and he spooked, which sent a few other wakes in the opposite direction. In desperation, I made a cast out in front of one of the wakes and was met with a bite. After being towed around for several minutes, I got the 29.5″ redfish into the Cruise 12.





I had no plans to keep any fish, especially not one that measured 29.5″, so I was not excited when after about a half-hour trying to revive her, I decided to give-up and try to find a make-shift ice chest. I’ve heard before that in the summer time, if you fight a fish to exhaustion in warm shallow water, it might not revive. This was my first experience with it happening to me.

So I called it a day early with only two fish to my card. On the way home, though, I started to think about making a local afternoon float to do some bass fishing. After stopping by the house to drop off my large, unplanned fish, I headed about 15 mins away to fish in Stephensville. I’ll leave it short: I caught two bass on a crankbait.





I was then chased off the water by a storm. I can’t complain though. It was a great day and I was fortunate to be able to spend it on the water!

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