September Blues…

I headed down the bayou for a much needed trip to the marsh this past Wednesday. Forecast called for rain at 60%, but that morning the skies were almost cloudless. The morning air was nice and cooler than what it has been and it almost felt like fall. Almost.

This would be my first trip to the marsh since the LA Hooked trip with Pack & Paddle at the beginning of the month. It would also be the first real trip for my new 2016 Cuda 14. I got what I figure will be the biggest hit as far as colors go this year, Bluefin. The boat has some nice changes for this model year, but the important stuff is still the same.

I was on the water with great timing, at the top of the tide. I headed to my new spot, hoping to find redfish near a secret pond and hopefully on the flats nearby. My biggest enemy for the day would be the wind.

Long-story-short, the wind definitely played against me all day. Early on, I sight-casted and fooled a sheephead into eating an artificial shrimp. It was a decent sized sheepy, and while fighting it, I realized I had forgotten my landing net at home. Around that time, the fish performed a self-release and I honestly wasn’t extremely let-down. I think I got the fight on video, but no photos of that guy.

A bit more searching commenced and I pulled up onto a new flat and saw a tail immediately. It turned out to be a black drum. They were definitely the most prevalent species of the day. Though I didn’t hook the tailing drum, I did get one a little later.



I eventually did see a red, and as I made my cast to him the wind came into play. It pushed me out of position and sent my lure into a bush. I got pretty frustrated.

I eventually tired out of fighting the wind and decided it was time to head back. I did get some nice pictures of the new boat in the process of returning to my launch!



I don’t think it will be too long before the next trip. Pack & Paddle’s Outdoor Gear Garage Sale is coming up and I’ll be taking inventory of my gear soon (seeing what I use and don’t use, what I can live without, etc.), and hopefully be selling some of it at the event.

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