Bass from the Bank

You’ve got to love when you’ve made plans to head down to the saltwater and everything is a “go”. Then, the day before, you pull up the weather app and see 15-20 mph winds. That was us last Saturday. Trey, Karl, and I had originally planned to go catch some reds in the marsh and maybe some trout too, an activity that has been lacking in our lives recently (it feels dirty to say that). Trey ended up being obligated to drop out, and Karl presented a plan B if we weren’t gonna fight the wind down the bayou. There is a bar pit that he’d been to previously with friends while bass fishing from the bank. He asked if I was in, and of course I said yes.

The pond is nice and secluded with flooded timber lining the edges. Karl immediately went to work throwing a soft plastic. I started with a frog and got snagged on the first cast. Lost the frog. I went to using a creature bait, bouncing it along the bottom. Karl hooked up first, on his fourth or fifth cast! He got a quick picture, and then released it. Back to work.


Eventually, one of Karl’s friends joined us and brought along his little boy. He caught one and Karl caught a couple more and lost one.

I moved from soft plastics to chatterbait, chatterbait to spinnerbait, spinnerbait to crankbait. The crankbait was what my fish ended up hitting on. While I only caught one on the day, I was pretty happy with it.



Neither of us had much action after that. It made for a great, close-to-home day, without having to fight the winds.

It’s frustrating that, with it being this time of year, I’ve only been in the kayak for the tournament on the 10th. Hopefully, November will give us better weather to play in.


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