Video: A Day in the Marsh

This is the video that goes along with the previous post.

I thought it might be interesting to show as much of the day as possible. I haven’t seen very many kayak fishing videos like that. They’re most all chopped up and set to dub-step music. I’m guilty of it too. But anyway, here is a (mostly) uncut version of the trip, just timelapsing most of the paddling. This also shows how kayak fishing is just as much about the kayaking as it is about the fishing!

I know it’s a longer vid than what I normally post up, but hopefully you enjoy it!

3 Comments on “Video: A Day in the Marsh

  1. What kind of fishing rod & artificial bait are you using ? Where can I getting them & how much..!!! …thanks.!!!!

    • The rod is a 13 Fishing Omen 7’2″ Medium spinning rod. The lures are Curl-Tail Jigs made by Buggs Lures. You can find both at Pack & Paddle in Lafayette, LA. They can mail the lures to you if you pay for them via phone call.

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