Still here… Pt. 2

The first of the last two trips of 2015 was a good one. Several of us Pack & Paddle employees were off the same day and decided to all fish Pointe Aux Chenes. From the store; Scott Bienvenu, Mark Carline, Tommy Philayvanh, and myself. Stephen Outten and Nick Dinger met up with us down there. We started the day searching for trout in the main channel. Scott caught the first on topwater. I slung a skitterwalk for about 30 minutes and was getting blow-ups but nothing was getting caught. Mark eventually did pick up one before we all headed into the marsh. Stephen and Nick had been out there for a while, and Nick caught a ridiculously nice trout for PAC… like, a five pounder!

After we headed to the marsh, the day started to get good, for most of us…

















Most of the guys ended up a little bit further south than me, and in addition to reds, were also picking up some trout. The reds were too nice in my area, I couldn’t leave. I ended up catching two limits (I think), and all were released on my part.

Mark, unfortunately, was having a rough day with reds. No matter what he did, he couldn’t get one in the boat. He did redeem himself on trout though.

The last trip of 2015 was on December 29. I headed to Cocodrie to change things up. It was not a very eventful trip. The water, though not PAC clean, was cleaner than normal. Reds were all over the place, and I fooled three into biting, but only one made it to the boat.



And with that, now we look to 2016!

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