Finally Fishing in 2016

Well, it’s been awhile. Up until now, the last fish I caught was on December 29th, 2015. Since that day, I’ve only made one trip out and that was two weeks ago. I forgot to take pictures. The day wasn’t the greatest, but I hooked two nice reds but both freed themselves before I could get to know them. And then an airboat came along and blew-out the entire area. Boo…

Wednesday was the day to finally put a fish on the board for 2016, but that wasn’t the only significant goal for the day. If you keep up with this blog, you’ll know that one of my best friends and fishing buddies is named Karl. Karl has struggled with carpal tunnel for a few years now and is finally going to have surgery to relieve the problem. Unfortunately, that means he won’t be able to paddle for a little while. So, in addition to us wanting to catch our first fish this year, this was the last time Karl would be able to kayak fish for a little while.

We started the day off in the marsh where the water was extremely low, and the current was ripping through the main channel. Both of us were in kayaks that we’re not very familiar with, which led to us calling it quits very quickly. We did hang around with Mr. Eddie Mullen, who showed us around a project that will be very cool for that area (more info on that in the future)!


After stopping for an early lunch at Chick Fil A, we headed back to our corner of South Louisiana to load up our personal kayaks, freshwater fishing gear, and go bass fishing!

We stayed close to Morgan City, and by this point it was mid afternoon. When we finally launched, it was after 2:30pm. I played around with different lures and ended up catching one on a blue/chrome lipless crank bait by Rapala. She weighed close to 2 lbs. I think.




Karl hooked a rather large one, which he described as possibly his personal best, but unfortunately sent the hook flying when she jumped.

We soon relocated to another pond where we bank fished for most of the rest of the day.











2 Comments on “Finally Fishing in 2016

  1. Just curious….. where is the launch point at the top of the page if you don’t mind me asking ?

    • John, if you’re talking about the photo of the truck w/ kayak with the bridge right behind it, that’s the public launch in Leeville. It’s passed the turn for the LA-1 expressway, all the way at the end of the road.

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