Finally! More to Post!

To say I haven’t been fishing lately wouldn’t be completely true. There have been a few unsatisfying bass fishing trips that I’ve been making, but nothing that gets me like the pull of a redfish. I thought I’d get my opportunity this past Sunday, when I had a day off from church guitar playing and Tracey asked that we go fishing. We went, didn’t cover too much water, and only stayed a few hours. The “not covering much water” part isn’t usually a problem in Pointe Aux Chenes, but a front had just blown through and the fish were moody and not as obvious when it came to sight-fishing. The good part was that Tracey did have a good time, regardless, and wants to go back.

Tuesday came and it was my day off. I was off to an intentionally late start. I got on the water around 10am to blue bird skies and hardly any wind, a nice change from what we’ve experienced lately. Tipped off about a new-to-me area, I set off for the two-plus mile trek to this new spot. I fished very little on the way. Looking at the spot on Google Maps, you can see definite grass-flats under the surface, and when I finally arrived at the spot, it was evident where the grass line began. There was an obvious change in the water color. And once over the flat, I started seeing reds. They weren’t huge in size, but nicely in the slot – none below 20″ from what I could see.

I started off throwing a curl-tail Bugg in the blue crab color. I was making some bad casts, but managed to pick up a couple. One on the Bugg, the other on a Vortex Shad.



Those two went in the bag. I wasn’t planning on keeping many, just those two for dinner.

I then headed a few yards south to another larger flat. Again, reds everywhere although these were much larger. From sight they seemed to range between 26″ and somewhere in the mid 30s. Now, my Bugg was bringing back grass when I’d throw it, so I downsized to a black/gold Flats Bugg. They’re a smaller version of the curl-tail. I figured it would allow the lure to suspend just a tad longer before descending into the grass. After switching, I looked up to see a nice fish headed straight toward me. I brought the Bugg up from behind him and he nailed it! When I finally got him in, he’d been fighting through all the grass, so there was a nice bit of salad covering him and my line, making it even more of a battle.




Then, the bite started getting tough. The wind picked up a little, which made spotting fish a little tougher. I swapped out lures yet again. The fish had been rejecting the bugg for a few casts so searching the tackle box, I put on a fluke made by Flats HQ out of Florida. I eventually spotted a nice red who decided to bite!




I love how red and lit-up these fish can get!

After continuing to try for at least one more, the wind was starting to become a nuisance. I also wanted to get home early enough to clean the two I kept, so I started back.

I’d be silly to complain. I’m just happy I had a chance to get out and catch a few! Hopefully this nice weather holds up for a bit.

2 Comments on “Finally! More to Post!

  1. We are heading out to Pointe Aux Chenes tonight for fishing tomorrow in our Hobie Mirages. First time going there in the kayaks, me & my dad usually go in his boat. Any pointers or spots we should check out?

    • If you want redfish, just be prepared to kick those fins up and flutter pedal, or just paddle. The reds are shallow over the grass flats. Trout have been being caught in the marsh too, mostly in the morning and evening. If you’re launching at PAC Marina, I’d fish the canal for trout and then head into the marsh between the marina and Island Rd.

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