Location Highlight: Cocodrie

A favorite spot for many locals, Cocodrie is the southern-most community in the Terrebonne marsh, south of Houma. Highway 56 ends near Coco Marina, but passes several popular spots through Chauvin and Cocodrie itself. Lakes Boudreaux and Quitman are hotspots throughout the year. And the Boudreaux & Robinson Canals, along with Bayou Petite Caillou and plenty of roadside marsh, make great launches as well as bank fishing spots.


Launches:  While there are several locations to launch from in the area, Coco Marina (106 Pier 56, Chauvin, LA) is the most popular.  Coco Marina offers lodging as well as a restaurant.  There is a small parking fee for launching.  You also can launch from Lapeyrouse Landing & Tradewinds Marina which also require fees for launching.  Lastly, there are a few places to combat launch from. The Boudreaux Canal bridge in Chauvin has a large parking area on the south side that kayaks can be easily launched from (but it can be muddy). Bayou Sale Road (aka Hwy 57) runs from Cocodrie to Dulac, cutting through the marsh, and also offers a few roadside launch spots. Use caution; Bayou Sale Rd. is narrow at times and launch spots are not monitored.

Fish:  Cocodrie holds redfish year-round, though the larger bull reds move inshore in the cooler months. Trout can be found here October through March. Cocodrie doesn’t have a lot of submerged vegetation, but there are oyster beds throughout the area and those are great places to find fish. Redfish will move into the shallower ponds on high enough tides and in the cooler months.


Lures:  Minnow & Shrimp style plastics work very well here. I usually will rig them on 1/8 oz jigheads (1/4 oz max.). Both cast-&-reel and “bump along the bottom” are techniques the work well. Topwaters (Spook Jrs, Skitterwalks) can be affective for both reds and trout. Buggs lures are deadly when the reds have moved shallow.

Best time of year:  Though Cocodrie holds fish year-round, the Spring and Fall are the best times of year for the greatest variety of species.






One Comment on “Location Highlight: Cocodrie

  1. Thanks for all the information . For someone that has never been in that part of Louisiana to fish this is a valuable read for sure. Great article.

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