July 2016

As has been the case lately, I get backed up with the blog and end up doing a mostly photo post to catch things up. Here we go!

Soon after my most recent post, I fished in a fish-anywhere 2.5 day tournament. I only fished one day of it due to work. On my one day, I went to the pond where Karl and I had gone earlier in the week. I hoped for better results, but only came away with one red. It would’ve been almost perfect for the slot redfish category (16″-27″), except this fish was right on the 27″ line, which may have resulted in a DQ. Had I weighed him in (and a contemplated big time), and had he not been DQ’d, I would have possibly placed 3rd. All good, no worries.




About a week later, on a day off from work, Stephen and I did some bass fishing in Cocodrie. Stephen fishes for bass a little more often than me so I was trying some techniques he was telling me about, mostly involving plastic worms. We both ended up catching. No hogs, but a bass each and several goggle-eye.





I fished another tournament in July. It was the Lafayette Kayak Fishing Club’s largest event, the LA1 Slamboree. I fished it twice before, 2013 & 2015. The first experience was my first kayak tournament and while I caught fish, I didn’t weigh-in. Last year’s tournament was more fun than before, but neither Karl nor myself brought anything to the weigh-in (we won some awesome door-prizes though!). This year was the best for me at least, but still not great, haha! I’ll be writing a report on that event in a few minutes. Expect it tomorrow night.

I drive Hwy 90 a lot and have seen some pretty incredible weather passing through, especially during Spring and Summer. Here’s a couple of pretty cool incoming storm photos from the road.



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