PAC Attack

Sorry that it’s been awhile…

In early September, Karl and I got the chance to fish Bayou Coast Kayak Fishing Club’s PAC Attack tourney. This tournament is a special one for some of us because it’s one of the few set in Pointe Aux Chene, which is one of my favorite areas. Truth be told, I haven’t fished Pointe Aux Chenes much at all this year. As a matter of fact, it hadn’t been since April that I’d been there prior to this tournament. PAC Attack is a three redfish tournament. After a few nights of virtual scouting, I had a plan.

We arrived at the launch just before “lines-in” time. Only a few other kayak anglers were launching at this spot. We headed to our first spot, a large grass flat that could be seen on Google Earth. We got there to find another angler already working it, so we kept our distance and I eventually moved northward. There were many more grass flats in the area, and I was sure there were reds to be found there.

I eventually neared a cut in the grass line which opened into a canal with a little water movement. I saw a few topwater splashes and a some small wakes so decided to make a few casts. I ended up finding a couple small trout that wanted the Matrix Mullet I was walking on the surface. Also, there was this guy…

It’s the first Jack I’ve ever caught. Doesn’t quite meet “bucketlist” requirements, but there it is, haha!

The furthest away spot on my planned route was another grass flat I was sure would produce, but as I got closer to it, I noticed a non-kayak fishing it. I pulled out my phone to find another similar spot nearby. When I got there I continued working the topwater. I picked up a nice 25″ red pretty quickly, and spotted a few more, but I’d only come away with one from that location.


I soon heard from Karl that he was on some fish and had already limited out. They weren’t big, but they were legal, and by this point it was late in the day. Legal was what I needed. I headed back to meet up with him. I picked up another small trout along the way, Karl picked up a bull…


We made our way down to an area we haven’t fished in two years. There were still plenty of fish around, but bites were few and far between. I did manage a 20 incher one on a site cast, which finished me off for the tournament stringer. We headed to the weigh-in.

I haven’t fished a BCKFC Tournament since 2015’s Paddlepalooza. It was good seeing familiar faces from both clubs (Lafayette club members also fished). There were 58 total anglers signed up, 38 of which weighed in. I ended up finishing at 15th with 12.14 as my weight, Karl at 18th with 10.34 as his weight. Full results below:

img_7169img_7170 img_7171


I had a great time fishing the tournament, and Eddie Mullens has a great setup down at Pointe Aux Chenes Kayak Rentals and Launch (where the weigh-in was held). Definitely look him up when you’re headed down there.


I’ll be headed to Tennessee for the Jackson Kayak Dealer Summit this weekend. I hope to post more when I get back.

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