Afternoon Bassin’ in the Basin

Back in October, after returning from the Dealer Summit up in Tennessee, I was pretty interested in catching bass. Trey and I decided to try our luck at an area he’d been eyeing for a while one Sunday afternoon. This was a new area for us and we were at first unsure about where we were launching. It seemed kinda sketchy at first, and also potentially private property. But after talking to a few locals, they assured us the area was fine to fish. Trey was paddling his Jackson Big Tuna (solo), and I was trying out the new Cuda HD, also by Jackson.


We hadn’t been on the water long before Trey landed the first fish of the afternoon. Caught on a crankbait, I paddled closer for a picture as he landed a fairly good-sized choupique, aka bowfin or grindle.



Not what we were after but a fun fight nonetheless.


The water was extremely low and we were confined to a pipeline canal, so we mainly just “beat-the-banks”, the shallow banks, of the canal. Trey was alternating between a crankbait and a buzzbait. I was committed to throwing a whopper-plopper.


I landed some fish too… some small fish… but they were the target species.



We eventually ended up in a small cove right off of the canal. I landed another small bass, and hooked up on a long-nose gar that probably measured around 30″. Trey landed the largest bass of the day and spooked some big 20 lb carp that jumped out the water and almost hit him in the head.



After that, we started the paddle back and caught a few more small bass. It was nice to also catch a sunset on the water, something I don’t normally get to do. The mosquitos weren’t as nice.

In the coming weeks, I would return to the marsh several times. Once for a tournament, and a few more times with some of my Jackson Kayak teammates for a JK Media House shoot. More on those to come!

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