Cinq Petite Rouges

Well, my first club tournament of the year came and went. It was Redbone’s Cinq Petite Rouges tournament in Cocodrie. It’s a reversed weight format. Lightest weight of five reds would win. Nobody had a problem catching reds, the problems were the size of the reds being caught. Long story short, I couldn’t catch a tournament-legal fish. All of mine were either too big or too small. Randy Robicheaux won the event with four nice reds. He had the heaviest weight, but because he weighed-in the closest to five fish, his weight trumped the others.

Here are some pictures from the event… there’s a story to one of them particularly.

First fish of the day gave a great fight… and decided to keep my lure.


My buddy, Mike, was bringing his fish into the weigh-in and had his three on a stringer. I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but somehow one of them came loose and swam off with a carabiner and 6ft piece of bungee attached to it. Mike was so frustrated by the situation that he spent most of the weigh-in watching the water to see if the fish would surface.

This wasn’t a great start, obviously, to my tournament season. In the next few days, I’ll be putting in my time for the PAC Kayak Rentals’ Kayak Redfish Series. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s a cool and new series-style event. Head over to PAC Kayak Rentals on Facebook for more info!

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