Cocodrie Fishing Report | I’m running out of witty titles…

I’m having a hard time comprehending that we’re already almost half-way done with 2017. It’s crazy to me how quickly it’s going by. I hear that as you get older the years go by quicker, and that definitely seems to be the case.

So as stated in the last “preview” post, I hadn’t visited a particular area of Cocodrie since some time on the fall (maybe?) of last year. It’s an area that I’ve almost always had success with redfish. And since I’ve spent so much time beating the banks for bass this Spring, I figured it’s been time that I shift my focus back to what I’m decent at; catching redfish.

I met up with my coworker, Max, at around 6:15 at our put-in. After launching we both headed in separate directions. I knew I was going to try out my spot that I simply refer to as the pond. I also had some new (to me) ideas that I wanted to try for a video. I wanted to mic myself using a sound recorder and lapel mic. I figured I’d later sync it up to the GoPro footage – the cameras were set-up with one in front of me, and the other behind (my typical angle).

As we started out, I stopped at a few small ponds right off of the main channel. There were wakes all over these ponds. Lots of them were mullet, but a few were from predator fish. I picked up my first of the day in that area… a 24″, 4 lb. redfish. I ended up catching several throughout the day that were of similar size.

It wasn’t until I had gotten to the pond before I started casting again. Note: I’m spoiled on sight-casting. The day became a sight-fishing fest. First free-lining a white and chartreuse Vudu Shrimp, and then swapping out to a Buggs Flats Bugg when they started getting real skittish around noon.

Of course, the highlight of the trip was the “HOLY MOLY” moment. I spotted a red cruising shallow and headed right towards me. I made one cast and it was on. I quickly realized that the fish was quite a bit bigger that I’d thought. After a few minutes of fighting the thing, I brought it boat-side and netted it. That’s always when the realization of the size hits you. It was 32″, which is the largest I’ve caught in that area. I’m not positive, but I think it weighed around 15 lbs.

I also caught the smallest one of the day nearby…

They Got Spooky…

After 12, they started getting really spookable. That’s when I swapped up to the Flats Bugg. After getting a few rejections, I saw two reds cruising together. Even when the fish are finicky, seeing a couple of reds together can be good. They’re pretty greedy and even when all the other fish were spooking, casting to two reds that are swimming together can cause them to compete over the lure… I tossed the bugg out in front of them and gradually worked it back, swimming it right through the two of them. They both went for it.

As that fight was starting, I got a little confused and was visually following the wrong one. That is, until they split and I realized I had the other one.

As I was coming close to “quitting time”, I started searching hard for one last catch. As I came up on a few sets of rocks, I noticed one just quietly staying against the rocks. I casted the bugg and dropped the lure right in front of him. If I hadn’t been watching him, I’d have had no idea that he took it, it was that subtle.

All-in-all it was a good, fun day. I hoped to get back there yesterday, but I overslept (story of my life). The next trip will take me a slight bit further east and to some prep time for the next Redbone Club tournament. Until then…

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