PAC Redfish Series: Part 4

Ok, so I didn’t post a part 3. That day was kind of a dud. I had one fish for around four pounds. Moving on…

I headed south from PAC Kayak Rentals, staying along the edge of the main canal until I started nearing some marsh near the pipeline intersections. I threw a Spook Jr. for about 10-15 minutes around that area, with a Bugg worked in along the bank here and there. I picked up a little trout (12.5″) on the Spook, but didn’t stay much longer in that area. I headed further south to some larger areas of marsh. Max was also out in the same area and had already caught a few reds. The water was high and dirty, so I spent my time blind casting.

It didn’t take long before I hooked up, but it was a rat red. I left the interior marsh ponds and fished the outside edge of the marsh. As I was drifting, something caught my attention from out the corner of my eye. I look down to see a small shark, probably around 3.5-4′. I’m not a shark expert. It initially looked like a blacktip, but as I’ve been looking them up, it could’ve been a spinner shark. Anyway, it kinda came under my kayak and then turned and swam away. If I did hook a red in the area, I didn’t want the shark to take advantage of the situation, so I moved on.

The further south I went the dirtier the water got. I did near a cut where I spotted some nervous water. I tossed my Bugg into the area, expecting a possible red or at least to cause mullet to scatter. Instead came another trout. This one a little bit nicer at around 16″.

After a while without having another bite, I decided to head to the area I’ve had the most success over the past few months. I don’t know why I don’t just start there. It was a little ways away and probably took me about 30 mins to get there. The area has a lot of submerged vegetation and I was hoping that even with the water high, that the grass would help the water clarity. It did!

After fishing the area for a few minutes, I started spooking reds over some of the grass flats. They were average, mid-slot sized – but at this point I’d be happy to take them.

After drifting a large flat and spooking a few, I decided to circle back around and hopefully get a second shot at a few of those fish. That ended up working out. I caught two of my three required fish on that drift. One was about 24″ and 5 lbs. The other was small, about 18 or 19″. I kept on to another inlet and started looking for grass. I turned my head and noticed a really nice redfish cruising right against the bank. I pitched my Curl-tail Bugg about 5 ft in front of him and as soon as it hit the water, he launched at it.

Not long after, my alarm went off. It was 2pm. In my mind, I needed to be back at the marina for 3pm for weigh-in. I made it with about 10 minutes to spare. That’s when I realized that the deadline for weigh-in wasn’t until 4pm. Had I fished for another hour, I’m pretty confident that I could’ve upgraded the small red.

This month was a bit tougher for a lot of the competitors, and my weight of 13.18 lbs for the month, was OK. I’m still making up ground from the poor start back in February. The summer months will be tough for a lot of people, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

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