An Inactive Summer.

I just realized that I haven’t made a post since early June. Sorry to anyone who may keep checking back from time-to-time. The honest truth is that I haven’t been doing a whole lot of fishing this summer. That’s been kind of a let down, but I’ve had things to keep me busy.

Since my last post regarding the PAC Redfish Marathon Series, I’ve fished with my boss, John, at a honey hole of his where we were watched by alligators but caught quite a few really beautiful reds. They were soo dark! I also fished LKFC’s annual July tourney, the LA1 Slamboree. This has become a tradition for Karl and I. We fished the same area we fished the very first year we participated in this tournament (2013). We had a great time and though we didn’t place, we did catch a lot of fish. This includes my personal best redfish in a kayak. I didn’t have a scale to accurately weigh the fish, but it measured 36.25″ and ended up holding the top redfish position in LKFC’s online CPR tournament. This doesn’t win me anything, but is still pretty cool.

I’d been hoping to get back out on the water soon, but had to hold off due to the high tides and storm surge Hurricane Harvey brought in. In my area of Louisiana, we didn’t receive too much bad weather from the storm. As is the case with most of us here in the south, we’ve seen the effects of flooding and have likely been affected by it in some way. We’re no strangers to hurricanes and violent storms. But it tears me apart inside to see peoples lives turned upside down like what’s happening in Texas right now. We’re doing what we can from home, and we’re praying for South TX and SW Louisiana.

To lighten up the mood, here are some photos of the few trips over the summer…

June Trip with John (Undisclosed Location)

Here are some highway pics of the sky (because I’m gonna be THAT guy!)

LA1 Slamboree

Eclipse Photos (because it was the coolest natural event of the summer):

Can’t really tell in the photo, but the light outside was strange… weird shadows… also the crescent shape of the shadows…

And lastly, my son… because life ain’t complete without him… and neither would this post… (yes, I’m THAT dad!)

In the rear-view, looking through his binoculars
playing in the rain

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