Persistance in Terrebonne Parish

I’m really trying to amp up the amount of time I’m spending on the water. I spent hardly any time on the water over the summer. Now, with the cool fronts soon to be coming, I know the fishing will be picking up and I feel I need to take advantage of that situation before the holiday season, and before we welcome our baby girl into our lives.

With this in mind, Karl and I headed down to Cocodrie a few weeks ago. There’s not much to write in regards to that trip. While I was seeing fish in our pond, I couldn’t get a cast in front of a red before it would spook off. After being out for a few hours, I could tell Karl was getting a little frustrated as well. We decided to pack it in early, as we had both started to lose our motivation.

Frustrated from that last experience, I decided to head back to the same spot about a week later. Maybe I felt that I needed to prove to myself that I could still sight-cast redfish after neglecting the fish most of the summer. That might be silly, and maybe that’s not really what was going on in my mind, but that was my excuse to go, haha.

Upon arriving, the water was kind of high, but there was little wind. I launched and headed off the main canal and into one of  the small ponds. Near the back of the pond I saw a wake, and then a tail. I flipped the Bugg that’s now almost always tied onto my spinning set-up, and immediately had my first fish. Maybe around a 20″ red. The day was already better than my last time out.

After a few minutes I headed on to the pond that is usually our destination when we come to this area. While still in the main canal, I noticed a big wake pushing up the bank towards me. I assumed it to be a big red and may a cast, but after a few more seconds I quickly retrieved my lure. Though it wasn’t too big, it was a blacktip shark. I’m starting to notice them more and more.

Once arriving at “the pond” it didn’t take too long til I had what would’ve been a limit had I been keeping them.

Though this happens from time to time, it’s still a cool experience…

I noticed a couple of reds moving up along a bank, hitting small targets as they pass. I casted out in front of the two, but I was too close and they spook. But then there’s a third that I didn’t notice swimming underneath the other two. When they spooked, he grabbed it!

It was a short trip but fun nonetheless. I was hoping to get out this week, but we just moved our family into a new place. With a new baby coming, we needed some extra space. This move has eaten up my free time (fishing time) for two weeks but now we’re getting settled in. I’m looking forward to the fall!

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