The Not-So-Magic Marsh

Back in early October I met up with Trey and Keith (both of whom have been mentioned here before) and Taylor (who hasn’t appeared here before). Trey moved down to Des Allemands earlier in the year, so we went to an area that he’d been trying to fish a little more frequently. The area is similar to Pointe Aux Chenes in the aspect of submerged vegetation, lots of open water areas with broken marsh spread out. There’s a particular area of marsh nearby that I’ve always heard has a good reputation, so we were going to work our way up there.

As usual, I did a lot of moving around. It’s my style of fishing. I hate staying put for more than a few minutes. I was finding a lot of grass flats where the grass was matting on the surface. It makes for a pain if you’re trying to work a Skitterwalk. I would typically cast and work the topwater plug back along the edge of the matted grassline, and it did pay-off for me.

We continued through most of the pipeline canals following the same pattern but with little success. When we came to a break in the shoreline with some water moving around a point, I casted a Vortex Shad in C-Shad. That cast returned with a small, but legal, trout on it.

Taylor working a Whopper Plopper along a grassline

As we finally made our way up to the area we had started referring to as the “Magic Marsh”, it became clear that today was not the day for magic. The water was quite muddy and matted hydrilla was everywhere. We decided to head back and fish areas we were a little more familiar with. Though I did see a few more fish, I would not hook into another fish.

As Trey and I worked a shoreline on our way back to the launch, I heard a splash followed by his shouts of triumph. He had hook into a nice red! After the fight and release, we decided it was time to meet Taylor and Keith back at the launch.

Keith had ended up catching a few reds and a drum, if I’m remembering correctly.

I always enjoy fishing with Trey and it was great getting to fish with Taylor. I hope we get the chance again in the near future.

Trey is selling his 2015 Jackson Big Tuna (in the picture above). If you’re interested, shoot me an email and I’ll relay the info to him.

After this trip, my next trip out would be for the Redbone Fishing Club’s Festivus Tournament in Cocodrie. Stay around, that report will be posted shortly.

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