Redfish in PAC on ONE Lure the Entire Day

Video to follow…

After we wrapped up fishing with the JK crew down in PAC, I was just waiting for another chance to get out. I’m trying to make as much time as possible, since after our little girl is born (in a few weeks), I’ll be out-of-commission for a little while. The moment came when Noel & Kip from the Redbone Fishing Club proposed a morning trip to Pointe Aux Chenes, but launching at a different location than the kayak marina. I was game, so I met up with them bright and early that morning. After saying our hellos and catching up briefly, we hit the water. We all had plans to go in separate directions. I’d planned to head north and fish some grassy areas that I’d been digitally scouting.

I soon found myself in a canal where there were cuts with some water movements. I figured there was a chance for some trout so I started casting a topwater, a Spook Jr. After a few casts, I had one trout and a few follows. The one trout was hardly legal, so I moved on. Looking back, if I’d fished something subsurface, I may have found better trout… but I wasn’t keeping fish and was more interested in sight-fishing.

Once arriving at the flat where I’d planned to start, I began noticing signs of fish everywhere. Though the sun was still low, I was able to cast to few cruising reds that I was seeing. I was throwing my favorite Bugg Curl-tail at first, but it was getting caught in the grass and the fish were spooking. I wanted to start making some long casts with a weedless set-up, so I grabbed the Z-Man Paddler in Redfish Toad that Brooks had given me during the JK meet-up. Second cast with it, and I was hooked up!

What followed was a lot of the same thing, though the casts kept getting shorter and shorter. That first fish was the longest cast of the day, and the only blind-cast with success. I’ll spare you the monotonous details and just show the pics…

The largest fish of the day came when I’d heard a crash from inside a shallow pond. I turned a corner to see a fish coming directly at me. After a quick cast-catch-release, I headed to the mouth of the pond where I’d heard the crash to see two reds coming straight at me. I casted the weedless Z-Man behind them and ran it up between them, slowing it down as it neared their view. They both erupted into a confusing load of splashes and wakes, and one had the lure in it’s mouth. He was swimming right at me, so I had to quickly pick up the slack. After a brief fight, he was boated and measured/weighed. About 6-7 lbs, and 26.25″. He’d have been a decent tournament red.

It was a fun morning and possibly the first time that I was done and headed home by 11am. I spoke to Noel on the way home and heard that he’d caught some too, but didn’t get many details.

There’s been one more fairly productive trip since this one, and hopefully one more, before Wren makes her debut.

I’ll be following this post, with a Vlog-style video from the trip.

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