Back at it… Recap

Yeah, I know. I haven’t posted here since December and here it is April. I’ve been known to take a break from time-to-time, but I believe this is the longest that I’ve gone (since I started kayak fishing) that I haven’t picked up a rod. But we have had some stuff going on…

Shortly after this report’s trip, our second child was born. A baby girl, Wren. Additionally, after the first of the year Tracey and I decided to kick our photography side-business back into action, so a lot of my free time has been dedicated to it.

But I finally had a chance to get back on the water. I’ll post that report soon. As I was uploading the images from that trip, I noticed these images from the last solo trip I made, and it will bug me if I don’t post them…

I believe this trip occurred on December 2nd, and was out of Cocodrie. Obviously, the details are a little hazy, since it occurred a while back. I can say that all fish were caught on Buggs lures, a mix of Curl-tails and Beastie Buggs. I remember that I threw a Permital Bugg briefly, which fooled a Sheephead, but I couldn’t get him to the kayak.


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