Revisiting Our Old Stompin’ Grounds.. err.. Waters

I’ve been wanting to visit one of our old spots, one that we haven’t really visited since the earliest posts on this blog back in 2013, hence the old headline bump-board image. I got the opportunity to check it out the day after Easter. After launching, I pedaled among the large land terraces that now populate the marsh in PAC. When these were first installed, we were upset because they muddied up the water and killed parts of our estuary. Grass flats and islands disappeared and were replaced with man-made dirt mounds.


Enough time has passed that these terraces now provide new places to find fish. Many of them are deeper in the middle of the canals they’ve created, and shallow up near banks, making a great opportunity to find cruising fish.

As I left the terraces to head across open water, I was traveling to a grass flat that existed in 2013 (hoping to find it again). The south wind had muddied up all of the marsh I was planning to fish. After about 45 minutes stand-up paddling around, I decided to head back to the terraces. They provided better wind protection and I had seen a couple reds while passing through.

Once arriving back at the terraces, I quickly started spotting reds. Most were decently sized (25-30 inches). I originally planned to throw a Cajun Lures crawfish style bait, but after seeing a bull red destroy a mullet right under the ‘yak, I swapped over to a Z-Man 5″ Paddler in a natural color. I soon noticed a red prowling a nearby bank and as I set-up my cast, I noticed he had a buddy with him. I knew if I could get the lure between them, they’d compete for it and I’d get a bite. It worked beautifully. What didn’t work so well was my leader, and it snapped around a minute into the fight.

I retied and went back to work. I soon saw a smaller red nearby and picked it off. First fish in tooooo long!


After spooking a few more, I knew the route I’d be taking the rest of the day. I made the same loop two more times with the fish really only showing themselves in the same area the second and third times. I picked off another around the same size as the first (roughly around 20″) and a beautiful 25.5″ belly crawler which made me feel like I was fishing in November again!


Two of the three made the trip home with me for dinner and the larger one made my first entry into the Lafayette Kayak Fishing Club’s 2018 online CPR tournament.

Three fish wouldn’t normally make me feel like bragging, but it felt great to be back on the water. I’m hoping it won’t be another five months before my next fishing trip (hahaha).

One Comment on “Revisiting Our Old Stompin’ Grounds.. err.. Waters

  1. Great post brother!! Glad to see you were able to get back on the water!

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