Playing Catch-Up

The fishing has been kind of slow on my end. Not saying that the fish hadn’t been biting, but that my trips to the Houma marshes have been a bit “few and far between”. Not too long after the Redbone tournament, I returned to PAC to do some scouting but didn’t do too well. Only catching one red and not seeing much else.

A few weeks later I headed to my honey-hole in Cocodrie but only found muddish water and wind. I did manage two redfish but that was it.

Lone PAC Redfish ate a new “Click-bait Shrimp” by Buggs Lures.
IMG_1582 2
Classic combo doin’ the job in Cocodrie.

At the beginning of June I helped guide a trip for Pack & Paddle with Butch Ridgedell, a friend of ours at P&P and a Hobie Team Member. We led a pretty relaxed crew which included Chris Holmes from Louisiana Sportsman, and a small crew from WAFB who were gathering footage for a story they’ll be doing.

We had high hopes, and most people caught fish, but those few were mostly small and throwbacks. Though Butch and I both tried to get the guys to throw top-waters, they mostly threw popping corks and soaked market bait. Not my preferred style, but hey, they caught fish!

Ready to head to PAC!
Customers get their kayaks set up. P&P provides kayaks for guided trips as well as rod & reel combos.


More of my time, however, has been spent with my buddy. We’ve been hitting up the local ditches and bank spots. We’ve been “tearing up” the bream.

IMG_1456IMG_1457IMG_1503IMG_1508IMG_2311IMG_3179 2

For now, at least, that’s where we’re at. I’m hoping to make another trip to PAC later this week, so we’ll see. Good luck!


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