Louisiana Hooked | P&P Guided Trip

Following my Grand Isle trout trip was an immediate return to the marshes in Point Aux Chenes to help guide a trip with Pack & Paddle. The shop schedules fishing trips on two weekends each month. Usually, one trip launches at PAC Kayak Marina, while the other is mothershipped out into the marsh for some “unpressured” fishing.

Through a series of confusion, and a broken water pump, both groups ended up needing to launch at the Marina – the mothership had broken. Still, we made the best of it.

I arrived at Eddie’s at 6am to hardly anybody around, except Eddie, who was enjoying a cup of coffee. That quickly changed as the masses started to arrive.


Guiding with me was Butch Ridgedell, a P&P Hobie Fishing Team member. We’ve guided together several times before. We had five customers join us with three of them coming with me; Matt, Chase, & Bryan.

We initially headed north to the peninsula area that I’d been to in the weeks prior. I picked up a quick topwater red, and Matt played with a few small trout and ladyfish. The wind had the water pretty choppy so I was tossing the “11” sized Skitterwalk. It then looked like we were about to get dumped on by a potentially nasty thunderstorm, so – not being far from the marina – we headed back to the marina momentarily as it passed. It ended up dissipating before it got to us, but we did have a technical issue with one of the kayaks that needed to be addressed anyway.


Pack & Paddle staff member, Tom, came to play on the L4 Board with the fly rod.

Once we got back onto the water, we headed south and rounded back behind the camps leading to the marina. We pretty much just zig-zagged through the marsh for the remainder of the day. We caught fish on spoons and spinnerbaits, as well as Gulp if the guys had some. Butch’s crew were tossing dead shrimp under a popping cork and caught quite a few. We grinded it out on artificials but ended up with a few for the guys to take home.


Ultimately, I feel that everyone had a great time. For some, it was a way to demo certain models, and for others a way to see if kayak fishing would be something they’d enjoy.

I will be helping Pack & Paddle on another trip coming soon. This one is also scheduled to be a mothership experience, but is dependent on if Eddie can get his mothership fixed in time. The scheduled date is September 16th, the day after P&P’s bi-annual Garage Sale. If you’re interested in joining that trip, spaces are limited. Click here to be directed to P&P’s events page for that date.


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