Six Months Since Cocodrie

It’s definitely been a little while since I’d made my way down Hwy. 56 to launch at Coco Marina. Almost a year, actually. The last time I even fished anywhere in Cocodrie was about six or so months ago. But we’d gotten a couple of fronts in and I love fishing in Coco after a front (2-3 days after), so I headed down there to let the new Outback taste saltwater.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a whole lot to tell about. Despite a pretty sunrise, the majority of the day was overcast and somewhat windy. Water was also high, about a foot up from where I like it to be and it was dirty. The clarity of the water is a bigger deal for me than the height.


Still, I gave it my best. Made adjustments and kept casting. Didn’t even try to sight-fish, I knew it would be a waste of time. I headed for all of the typical honey holes that I know of to no avail.

It finally changed when I parked myself in a back pond. I’d already seen a couple of wakes and had a bite. I knew where the fish like hanging out in this particular pond so I nudged up against the bank and started using a Z-Man shrimp and working it back slowly. That’s when a smallish red hit it like a freight train! First saltwater slime for the ’19 OB!

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By that time I was about ready to head in. I hadn’t brought food and it was after lunch, and you notice hunger more when the bite is slow, haha!


November tenth is Redbone’s last tournament of the year, Festivus For The Rest Of Us, which takes place here in Cocodrie. I considered this to be the first scouting trip for that tourney. I may be headed back later this week and then once more next week before the tourney. Coco can be such a great fishery, I can’t wait for it to turn on!

Gear Rundown



My Rod/Reel Combos

Fishing Line

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