Before the Front – Coco

I’m currently sitting in a Kia dealership in New Iberia waiting for my wife’s vehicle to be serviced, so I figured I should knock out this post real quick.

It was a few days before this cold front blew through, so the temperature was still pretty comfortable outside. When I arrived at Coco Marina, I could see that the water was back to it’s normal level… still muddy, but that’s Cocodrie.dsc_1230-2

I headed south from the marina and targeted a couple of open mud flats just off of the main channel. There were definitely more signs of life than my previous trip. Bait was scurrying and jumping out the water, mostly shrimp (it’s that time of year!). Still, I didn’t see any actual fish in the first flat.

The first bite came way in the back of another flat area that turns to marsh ponds. I noticed a splash along the shoreline and started moving towards it. Through the muddy water I could make out the dark profiles of a small redfish school – maybe five fish. I still had the Z-man EZ-Shrimp (rootbeer/chart.) rigged up from last time so just pitched that ahead of them and started twitching it. Fish on! It was a small slot red, and being that I was pre-fishing for an upcoming tournament, I wanted to find a few nicer fish.

I headed to some marsh further west than I normally go, and found a lot of activity. Fish started to spook which caused me to change out to my “go-to”, the Buggs Curl-Tail (2nd Gen.). I soon had fish number two in my sights…

When in the marsh this time of year, even when you can’t see wakes, or sight-fish traditionally, one tactic you can use to sight fish indirectly (meaning not seeing the fish itself) is watching the shoreline for jumping bait. It can be subtle, but that’s how I casted to the next red. I noticed a trail of shrimp jumping along the shoreline, giving away that they were being antagonized from below the surface.

I casted ahead of the direction the bait were blowing up, and when it seemed like the right timing, I started working the lure. A short fight later and the red was brought aboard. It measured just over slot.

This went on a little longer before I needed to make the trek back to the marina. The way back was over the ship channel which was a bit choppy with the higher afternoon winds. The Outback pushed through fine, but the deck did get a little wet in the process, not a big deal for me.

Ultimately, the tournament was to take place last weekend – the same weekend as BCKFC’s Trout Challenge. I don’t worry too much about fishing in the rain or some wind, but I try not to underestimate the power of the weather. And with winds reaching gusts in the 30mph range, and knowing the area, I decided not to sign up. The officials decided to cancel and reschedule the tournament anyway, and I do plan to take part – though now it’s been moved to PAC.

Gear Used

Kayak : Hobie Outback (2019)

Paddle : Werner Cyprus Hooked

Rods : St. Croix Avid Inshore Series Spinning Rods & St. Croix Mojo Yak Casting Rod

Reels : Shimano Stradic 2500, Shimano Nasci 2500, & 13 Fishing Concept C

Lures : Z-Man Rigged EZ Shrimpz (Rtbr./Chart.) & Buggs 2nd Gen Curl-Tail Jig (Blk/Gold)

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