Starting 2019

So for my first 2019 trip, I got the uncommon pleasure of sharing the water with Karl (who I seldom get to fish with anymore), and my former co-workers, Mark & Stephen. On an uncharacteristically sunny & mostly windless day, we met up at Coco Marina to hopefully get some reds on the fly.

My fly fishing skill level is still definitely at beginner, but I do now have two reds landed on fly, but out of a skiff. I had another two hooked that spit the hook. I’ve never landed a fish on fly from the kayak, so that was the goal this day.

Ultimately, it wasn’t meant to be. But that doesn’t mean the day was a total skunk. It started fairly promising…

We headed out from the Marina, heading to a spot to the west. Crossing the ship channel, we started searching once reaching an area on the other side. After scanning the bank – looking for tails or backs in the low, wind blown marsh – we neared an open area with marsh on the far side. Near that marsh, there were disturbances on top the water. Karl spotted it first. Both Mark & I were quick to dismiss it as “probably mullet”. We were both intrigued enough to head that direction though. Mark got to them first, and as he started to say “yep, mullet”, he stopped mid-sentence, and yelled out, “I was wrong! It’s reds!”

Karl & I were closing in by this point and started to make casts at the spooked school. It wasn’t a school of big fish, but they were plentiful and hanging around this section of marsh. I headed up the next side, hoping to catch a few as they headed that direction. I was dedicated to the fly rod, false casting back and forth a few times, but I couldn’t get the accuracy – each time the fly falling short of a waking fish.

There finally came a moment when I spotted one, and the fly line had gotten pretty tangled. I grabbed my St. Croix Avid Inshore rod with a Buggs Click-bait Shrimp and casted it right in front the fish and watched him take it, exploding as I set the hook. Mark called out, “Eli’s on!” and I called back that it wasn’t on fly. He joked that it didn’t count.


As the day progressed, we eventually split up to explore the marsh. Unfortunately, that was the most action we found that day. The wind started to pick up in the afternoon and Karl & I headed back in. I think everyone finished the day with one fish each.

Unfortunately, I only nabbed these two photos for the day.

I’ll be fishing Coco a little more in the coming weeks. It’s already a favorite location of mine, but I’m also hoping to fish more Lafayette club events this year, the first being in Cocodrie in March. For now, I’m turning my focus to Pointe Aux Chenes, where the first tournament of the year is taking place. Redbone Fishing’s PAC Man tourney at the beginning of February.

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